Saturday Shopping – Lindy Bop ‘Audrey’ Dress

I’ve been feeling a little blue this week, and woke up this morning with a serious case of the mean reds (No, it’s not a euphemism. Please just watch the film!) so I did what every shopaholic worth her salt does and went shopping! (Online shopping, I mean. I didn’t, like, go OUTSIDE or anything. Have you seen the weather forecast today?? No thanks!) I had a specific purchase in mind. I’ve been meaning to get myself a petticoat or two for a while now – yes, to make those giant skirts EVEN MORE GIANT. The thought of prancing around in even fluffier, pouffier versions of my many full skirts made me smile a little bit, so I bought not one, but two, in black and white, so that I could ensure I never have to endure a less than flouncy skirt ever again.

So that cheered me up for a short while. Not long enough though, for one, they won’t arrive till Monday, and by then it will be back to the humdrum of work, so no prancing for now. Secondly, it’s blowing a gale outside and I know there is no milk in the fridge for my coffee so I’m going to have to go and brave the elements at some point. So before I fell into a pit of despair I thought I better go and look at the kinds of dresses I might wear with the petticoats. If I had an unlimited pot of money and storage space… Anyhow, there was only one place that could possibly produce the required number of 50’s frocks to appease my black mood – my favourite brand Lindy Bop, of course, so I headed over there to create a new wish list. I had fully intended to show you all of the beautiful, vintage style dresses that Lindy Bop has to offer, but the fact it, the first dress to catch my eye was my beloved Audrey, and, well there are just so many gorgeous versions of Audrey that to try and include any others would simply have taken all day.

So here it is, an ode to Audrey – named after my number 1 style icon and already one of the best frocks I own (I last wore my lovely pink polka-dotted version here). Audrey, like her namesake, is basically perfect. A style that will suit almost anyone, that can be equal parts sweet and girly when worn with flats in the daytime and sultry glamourpuss in the evening when you throw on a pair of heels. It comes in so many colours and prints that you could never get bored, and all for just £30-£35!

First up, the new Audrey on the block, this rather lovely navy floral print. Ollie probably would have called this ‘curtain chic’ but I think it has an expensive look to it. I now of course want it more than anything.


I also want this one – they navy one’s sweeter, more innocent sister!

But just because these Audreys are all shiny and new doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the existing Audreys. There are still these beauties to drool over, and drool over them I do, on a regular basis!

There are floral Audreys….

Polka-dot Audreys….

Gingham & Plaid Audreys….

Whimsical Audreys….

Even just plain old block coloured Audreys (Plain? Nope!)….

Basically all the Audreys you could ever wish for! I know I normally add links the particular items, but seriously, there are so many! Just head over there and look for yourself!

And there’s a sale on! Mood – brightened. Job done!




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