Winter Walkies

I guess this Winter thing isn’t all bad. If I ignore the howling gale outside and the rain lashing up against the windows I could almost say I’m feeling quite content with the current season (I said almost). Of course, it’s easy for me to say that now, wrapped up under a snuggly blanket watching Christmas movies, with a warm, sleeping pup in my lap and no work until Wednesday. Winter indoors is all good. Winter outdoors, not so much. It’s cold and grey and normally muddy. Except when it snows, and then it’s really cold, really grey and normally slushy.

Unfortunately though we’ve given notice on the house, meaning we have people coming round to view it all the time. This doesn’t sit well with me as it is because it means there are frequently strangers in my home, touching my things and silently judging me for my poor clothing storage, but due to the fact that my dog is deranged and will flip out at the merest whiff of a stranger in the house (in fairness, I don’t really blame her) I am now having to spend far more time than usual outside.

Turns out though, when it’s not raining, it has it’s upsides. Firstly, unlike during the Summer when the park is littered with BBQ’s and impromptu cricket matches and THE PUBLIC in general, during the Winter it’s basically deserted. We actually made it pretty much all the way around today without coming into contact with another human being. Secondly,  on the odd occasion you get one of those perfect Winter days that those impossibly photogenic fashion bloggers are always going on about – fresh and bracing, a sprinkling of frost on crunchy leaves and the sun shining low in a clear blue sky. On days like this it’s actually a pleasure to wrap up warm and head out with the pooch. I’d almost forgotten how therapeutic a good, long, solitary walk can be.

Me2 (2)BonsWelliesMe (2)Bons2

Sort it out Winter, more days like this one please!



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