Feeling Festive


I’ve been in denial that Christmas is coming for a few weeks now. It doesn’t help that in my line of work Christmas planning basically starts in January, to be fair. I was pretty much over Christmas in April. Add to that the fact that the last year has hurtled past in a blur and that the future is all a bit uncertain at the moment and I’ve been struggling to get into the party mood.

This makes me sad. I’ve always loved Christmas. I love the twinkling lights, the festive cheer and the over the top decorations. I love catching up with old friends and spending hours picking out gifts for my loved ones. I love that you can wear glitter and sequins for absolutely no reason! AND THE FOOD! Chocolate for breakfast, all the cheese you can eat – no one even bats an eyelid if you crack open some Prosecco at 11am. What’s not to like?? So I’ve been feeling rather disappointed in myself for being such a Grinch so far this year.

On Saturday, though, a friend invited me round to decorate her tree, and sure enough, after a couple of hours of tinsel, mulled wine and a Motown Christmas Hits album. Funny how a bit of tinsel and some jingle bells can get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that was the mulled wine…. Anyhow, afterwards we decided to head into the village to watch the Christmas lights turned on, and even I couldn’t help but smile at all the kiddies lined up to see Santa. Later on I went to meet more friends, drank yet more wine and just like that my faith in the festive season was restored.

Now I have two parties this week I can’t help but feel anything but festive! I even cracked a smile at the crowds of tourists flocking to the German Market on my way home!

Really must be all that mulled wine…. better get another bottle on the go, just to make sure!

tree2mulled winetree3tree1



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