New Shoes Cure the Blues

Annabel 5

I know, I know. I’m not meant to be buying anything. But I did say a couple of weeks ago that eBay purchases don’t count, and I stand by that. After all, I don’t go on there specifically looking to spend money. Oh no. Not like when you go to Primark with the intention of buying tights and end up with a new bra collection and a couple of pairs of ankle boots. Not like when you go in Oasis to see if they had that skirt you lusted after in the sale and end up buying said skirt, a couple of camis and the same pair of shoes in three colours. Nope, eBay browsing is completely innocent.

There is nothing sinister about typing ‘Carvela’ into the search engine, you know, just to see what comes up. It’s like research – you’re just checking to see what is out there in case the unlikely event of you deciding to sell all your shoes crops up, then you’ll know what price you’re likely to get. That’s all. Just research.

And if, while perusing that hypothetical list of Carvela’s, you spot a pair of Annabelles in Pink, all shiny and barely worn, and with a tantalisingly low starting price, surely it’s just a good idea to hit ‘Watch’? I mean, you’ve wanted them for ages, haven’t you? They’re so….. pink! And they have bows on. Not bows like the ones on all your other shoes tough, different bows. Different because, well, THEY JUST ARE, OK??? Anyway, you’re just doing it on the off chance the price doesn’t go up too much, that’s all. Just in case. Someone else will bid on them. They’re awesome. You aren’t going to buy these shoes.

And then if you get to a couple of hours to go and no-one has bid on them yet, isn’t it just sensible to stick a bid in there anyway? Again, just in case. I mean, imagine if SOMEONE ELSE got them for just £9 instead of you? How aggrieved would you feel then? If you just let such a bargain slip right through your fingers? You have to put the bid on – just the asking price – then run away and hide, and not look at it again until a safe time after the auction has ended, because you can’t be trusted not to get caught up in a last minute bidding war.

So if you end up being lucky enough to be the sole bidder, it’s obviously not your fault. It was fate. And anyway, you are now the proud owner of the Carvela Annabelles in Pink so WHO CARES ANYWAY???Look at them!

Annabel 3AnnabelAnnabel 4Annabel 2

What was the point in this post again? Oh yeah, there was no reason other than to show off about my eBay bargain Annabelles. And also reassure you that eBay shopping is not really shopping, it’s just common sense.

Mission Accomplished!



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