Bargain Buys: ASOS Debutante Dress and Pitcher Heels

Let’s face it, I’m no fashionista. Sure, I’m crazy about clothes and shoes and shopping, but I couldn’t honestly say I’m a fashion follower. I like what I like, basically, so when I fall in love with a frock I rarely care whether or not it would be classed as ‘fashionable’. I don’t shop in ‘seasons’ and I couldn’t for one moment tell you what will be ‘On Trend’ this Summer, and to be honest, I don’t really care. This means I’m never going to be on the cutting edge of style, but it does have it’s benefits – it is so much easier to grab yourself a bargain when you’re shopping for what you like rather than what’s ‘hot right now’. If you genuinely love something enough to wait for it, you’ll often be rewarded for your patience with a hefty discount.

Take this little ensemble, for example. I first wrote about these items a whole year ago, but at the time I was saving for a Wedding so I felt they were too frivolous a purchase. I didn’t give up on them though. I stopped by every now and then to ‘visit’ them, and dropped them into my eBay search every now and then, just to see if someone was daft enough to want to get rid of them. Eventually though my luck came in – in the January sales I spotted the Debutante dress for a measly £15. Straight in the basket it went. It was such a good deal that I thought I may aswell treat myself to the Pitcher heels as well, since they were down to £30, and the rest, as they say, is history. Needless to say I’m thrilled with them – the Debutante is a dress I’ve been keen to get my hands on for sometime after trying on one my sister bought. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why – it’s exactly the shape I’m normally drawn to, but is made from a thick scuba fabric which barely creases. The shoes are similarly explainable – I mean, just look at them!

It was actually only after they arrived that I realised how well they went together as a pair, which just makes me think even more that they were destined to be mine one day. This method can be a gamble, of course. There is nothing more irritating that deciding you must own something only to find it has sold out, but even then I’ve managed to score myself some big wins on eBay even years after the item was first available, so it’s never a lost cause. Besides, I kind if like it when you finally managed to bag something you’ve wanted for a long time, it sort of justifies it. If you still want it that much a year later , you’ll know it was more than just a whim. And anything that stops me making regretful purchases can only be a good thing! Because, honestly, it’s not like I need much persuasion to part with my cash!

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Spend wisely, friends!



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