Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin Ha Why Luna Sandals

So, looks like my little mini break spoiled my nice run of largely uninterrupted posting – getting stranded on the Continent can do that to you I guess! I’m back safe and sound now though, and will regale you all with the sorry tale soon enough (bet you CANNOT WAIT for that!) but today it’s Good Friday, meaning no work, the sun has been shining gloriously all day and I have some lovely plans ahead for the weekend, so for now I just want to kick back, relax and look at beautiful things rather than have a moan. Well, it’s always nice to have a change!

One of my favourite thing about Spring kicking in, apart from the eventual end of the rain soaked misery that is British Wintertime, is finally seeing an end to the black, grey and beige clothing collections and the introduction of some colour into the High Street’s window displays. Spring is of course synonymous with florals, which never fail to put a smile on my face, and you can’t get much brighter than these florals – Louboutin’s Ha Why Luna sandals!

Ha Why Luna Python
Ha Why Luna Python, Christian Louboutin, £1395

Now, I’m not sure if I’d actually wear these – they might be just a little gaudy for my tastes – but you can’t dispute their show-stopping qualities. Underneath all that applique is a rather lovely, delicate sandal (not a style of shoe I actually wear very often as I really don’t like feet in general, so tend to want to cover them up rather than display them in all their glory!) and I like that the flowers are Hawaiian themed rather than the classic rose of ditzy florals you normally see this time of year. It’s just a bit different and a little more fun. And really makes me want to book a flight to Hawaii….

Well, we all know what luck I’ve had with travel lately, so perhaps that isn’t a good idea! I can but dream though!



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