Fantasy Friday -Fatale in Mint @ The Pretty Dress Company

The Pretty Dress Company sells, well, surprisingly pretty dresses. They aren’t particularly cheap dresses (otherwise it would be called ‘The Cheap Dress Company‘ which just doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow) but pretty they certainly are. It’s a good job it’s offerings are a little on the pricier side of my budget really, because there are about a million dresses on there I’d very much like to buy. Seriously, I’m not kidding. There are oodles of different styles of frock on offer, and just when you think you’ve narrowed it down to your favourite one ten you realise the damn things come in multiple colours and prints, all of which you must own right now lest you’ll die of a broken heart.

Given their extreme heart-stopping qualities then, it seems apt that the dress I currently can’t stop thinking about is called ‘Fatale’, a gorgeous crepe creation that appears to suck you in in all the right places (in my fantasies, anyway. There is a tiny, just tiny, chance that the Christina Hendricks-a-like modelling it just happens to have the perfect hour-glass figure, and that it will actually look like most frocks of it’s kind on me – all tight around the rear and gaping at the bust….). Mint green wouldn’t be the first colour you’d associate with the word ‘fatale’ but it doesn’t make this dress any less sexy – in fact I think the girly shade lends itself quite well, darker or brighter shade like red or black would look fittingly sultry, but the ice cream hue of this one, and it’s baby blue and pink counterparts, make it a little more innocent and a little less obvious. I’m not someone who considers themselves sexy – in fact the idea of me and the word sexy being used together in a sentence makes me snort awkwardly, then trip over my own feet in embarrassment – so this works for me!

Fatale Crepe Dress
Fatale Crepe Pencil Dress, The Pretty Dress Company, £125

The choice doesn’t just stop at pastels though – if you did decide you’re daring enough for something a little more eye catching you have plenty of other options to pick from. Teal, fuschia, turquoise. Gingham, tartan, floral. Satin, velvet – even sequinned! The possibilities are endless! And don’t even get me started on the full skirted version….

Oh dear.

Decisions, decisions! Which is your favourite?





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