Reasons to be Cheerful – Wedding Warm and Fuzzies


So, for the last few months I have been performing Bridesmaid duties and helping to plan a friend’s Wedding, which took place on Saturday.

Now, those who have been a part of this process will know it can be stressful. There is a hell of a lot to be done, from dress shopping to the hen do – which brings it’s own set of challenges when you’re in your thirties and the hens are different collections of friends from all over the country – to making sure the day runs smoothly so the Bride doesn’t have to worry. The pressure not to let everyone down can feel immense – a Wedding is such a huge part of someone’s life and the idea that you could ruin it if you don’t get it right is terrifying! My own personal responsibility was organising the playlist, so I felt like I had to make sure not only the Bride was happy, but all of the guests too! Doing it when you called off your own wedding a year ago and recently went through a tough break up adds a whole other level of angst to what is already a highly emotional experience, thinking about a different version of your life that might have been and the person who should be there with you but isn’t. Oh, and of course being one of the only single people in the room is never all that fun!

Like all Weddings, this one came with it’s ups and downs. There was a lot of travelling involved in the last few weeks as the four of us Bridesmaids and the Bride herself live in 3 different cities between us. It’s been pretty exhausting and I really regretted not booking today off work! There were also a lot of tears – things started to sink in for the Bride about a week before and she quickly progressed from calm and serene to sick with panic in just a couple of days. There were also tears from most of the Wedding party both the night before and on the day itself (mostly happy, overwhelmed ones, I hasten to add!). There were the usual family feuds and the odd falling out. The day itself didn’t quite run to plan and the playlist most definitely didn’t. Yes, there were times where I thought I couldn’t wait for it all to be over.

But actually, sat here the next day looking back through my pictures and reflecting on the experience, I feel nothing but a warm fuzzy glow. No matter what dramas crop up along the way, there are few things more touching than watching two people, who have been on their own journey and faced their own challenges, come together and tell a room full of people how much they love each other, promising to take care of each other as long as they both shall live. To see friends and family who have travelled from miles around to share in their big day, and see how happy and proud they are to be there. To be invited into the fold of a family that until recently you barely knew at all. Just to be asked to be a part of that is a great feeling, but to be loved and trusted enough to be asked to be an integral cog that helps make it all happen is pretty darn special, and definitely worth the stresses and worry that role brings.

When the day comes I hope my own is filled with that many wonderful people and joyful moments!



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