Outfit: Accidental Matching


Dontcha just love it when you manage to accidentally match your outfit to your surroundings?! If you don’t blog your outfits, the answer to that is probably ‘Ummmmm….no, actually! Never really thought about it!!’ For those of us that do though, a field of perfectly toned wildflowers is basically the holy grail of backdrops!

Thats pretty much the only thing that was accidental about the matchy-ness of this outfit. Hands up – I know you aren’t supposed to admit it, because it just isn’t cool, but I LOVE to match my nails to my shoes to my belt to my earrings and so on and so on….! I just can’t seem to help myself! I at least tried to go with differing shades of blue here, but still. It’s all pretty darn blue. And I just don’t care!

This is one of those heavy cotton H&M midi skirts I was waxing lyrical about not too long ago. It feels and looks far more expensive than the £30 I paid for it and I can’t help but feel a bit special when I’m wearing it. It will probably be my last wear this year as the blue and white china print is quite summery and now I’m annoyed at myself for not wearing it more!

It’s also reminded me how hard it is to get outfit photos in the winter when you don’t see daylight for most of the day! I’m going to have to get creative!





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