Outfit: Picnic Blanket Chic

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You know how for all of about 3 seconds you get all excited that Winter is coming? Because you get all seduced by the thought of buying new boots and coats, and you remember that you can wear a hat instead of washing your hair and can stop shaving your legs for a few months? (I do actually wash just so you know, just realised how much of a slob that makes me sound!) Well, that was me momentarily last week. I saw some amazing sunsets on my way home from work, I watched the dog play in a pile of crunchy Autumn leaves and enjoyed the crisp air on a sunny September morning or two. Plus, did I mention buying boots? Winter is not so bad really, I thought. But I was wrong. Because shortly afterwards I started looking through my pics for my next outfit post and BAM!! I remembered: Winter sucks.

Just look how sunny it was when these were taken! It feels like yesterday (well, er, it was only a few weeks ago to be fair, but it feels an age ago now I’ve had a couple of days of solid, grey drizzle since then) when my sister and I snuck out of work for an illicit lunchtime beer when it was just too damn stuffy in the office. I remember thinking at the time that it felt like the wondrous warm spell we were experiencing at the time would never end. I might have even complained about being too sweaty and not being able to sleep at night. Feel pretty darn daft for thinking that now, don’t I ??

I also felt pretty darn daft for dressing up like a picnic blanket, but you know what? I make no apologies now. I’d been waiting so long for the right occasion to wear this Lindy Bop Audrey dress – which I’ve been told by more than one heathen of the male persuasion looks rather reminiscent of a picnic blanket – that my lovely bestie bought me for Christmas. Like, erm, a picnic maybe?? Anyhow, I’d been waiting so long in fact that I realised a whole 7 months had passed without it getting an airing, and that didn’t seem right at all. So despite my strange urge to wear it to a picnic, while sat on a picnic blanket, preferably in a poppy field or some other similarly toned flora, when a new pair of red sandals arrived I thought, sod it, Audrey needs to get worn. A picnic bench will just have to do! And yeah, I didn’t feel quite so kitsch and whimsical in an urban setting, but once I got over the slight awkwardness I felt pretty darn good. Good enough to stop for cocktails on the way home anyway, and that’s all that matters!




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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Picnic Blanket Chic

  1. I never get excited about winter coming! And I’m sure the winter down here is a lot milder than 4-5 hours north of me where you are. I still hate it though, the dark mornings, dark drive home after work, rain, cold, frost, condensation on the windows, the endless urge to eat, eat, eat. Give me summer temps, long warm evenings in the garden with chilled wine and my book every day of the week.

    On the plus side, I love your dress! Don’t leave it seven months again next time!


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