September Lust Haves

Ooopsie, I’m a little late posting this month’s wishlist. Not, unfortunately, because I haven’t been lusting after things though. Just because of my general rubbishness of posting regularly lately, so here it is already, October, and I’m only just getting around to telling you what I lusted after in September. I’m a bit of an SAD sufferer you see. As soon as I realise it’s getting dark by the time I get home my motivation to do pretty much anything other than snuggle under the duvet pretty much evaporates. That’s my excuse anyway….

Moving swiftly on, if there is at least one positive to the end of the Summer season it’s that you get to start buying NEW PRETTIES, like this ASOS hat:

ASOS Hat, £20

I like to think of myself as a hat person, but in truth, hats are basically a Winter convenience, whether I like suit them or not.  No matter how much time I spend doing my hair and a drizzly September it’s always going to look a mess by the time I get to work, so I may as well cut out the middleman and stick on a hat! I desperately want to be able to look as cute as Rebecca at A Clothes Horse does in a beret, and I’ll give them another go this year, but previous experience tells me I just don’t look right, so I thought I’d expand my horizons and try something new. I’m rather taken with this one thanks to its lovely burgundy colour, which matches nicely with a large number of my Autumn/Winter essentials.

Also matching rather nicely is this very cute Primark bag:

Primark Limited Edition Bag, £18 (only available in store)

As well as the burgundy, it has forest green tones (you can’t really tell in this pic, but it does, honest!) which coincidentally is the colour of the other half of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe! Meant to be or what?! Throw in a little splash of leopard print, which I’ve always thought of as the perfect pairing for darker shades like this, and you have yourself a rather darling little accessory. I’ve always been more of a shoe person than a bag person, but if there is one thing I’ve learnt in the last 18 months it’s that it’s never to late to make a change!

Next up, and this Oasis skirt:

Oasis Skirt, £35

Now, we all know how much I love dressing like a sailor. I’ve only talked about it a million times and posted several hundred nautically themed outfits (here, here, here for starters…. the list goes on…), and yeah, there’s no rule that says you can’t wear breton stripes in Winter (even if there was, you know I’d be happy break it) but it’s not quite the same when the sun isn’t shining, so what is a nautical-loving girl to do once it gets cold? Buy this skirt of course! I just adore those cute little buttons, and it will look just perfect with thick tights and boots. Then when the sun comes back, stick on a breton top and you’re good to go! I’ll genuinely be pretty surprised if this skirt doesn’t become mine fairly soon….

Now, for some crazy reason best known to myself, it’s been a while since I visited Lindy Bop. I’d like to say it’s because I realised you actually can have too many Audrey dresses, but we all know that’s just crazy talk. Anyway, I decided that needed changing so popped by last week and was seduced by Felicia:

Lindy Bop Felicia.jpg
Lindy Bop ‘Felicia’, £36

Felicia is a rather gorgeous combination of brocade and a big skirt that would be just perfect for the party season. I may just be able to resist Felicia since she’s not too dissimilar to my beloved H&M frocks (seen here, here and here). Although she is blue. I don’t have a blue one…..

Another place I haven’t been in a while is Chicwish. I can tell you why not this time though – IT ISN’T SAFE. I was very worried they may have brought out yet another version of this skirt and I’d have to try and find a way to justify yet more stripes. There wasn’t luckily. There was this though:

Chicwish ‘Knot the Dots’ Skirt, £34.18

So actually it wasn’t lucky at all, because now I need to justify more polka dots which is an equally tricky task! I need it though! I want to wear it every day, even though it’s quite blatantly a party skirt. But hey, Christmas is just around the corner, so…..

Will someone invite me to a party please??



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