Reasons to be Cheerful – Beating the Winter Blues

If you’re a SAD sufferer like me this can be a difficult time of year. The lack of daylight, drizzly, grey weather and constant reminder that life is whizzing by at an alarming rate can weigh very heavily on the soul. It can be even worse when you aren’t feeling all that happy about the direction your life has taken, or the events of the year that you are about to look back on, and so this year in particular I’ve been feeling rather melancholy. I don’t fall out with that too much – I’ve always been a believer in letting yourself feel your emotions instead of hiding them. I think it helps you deal with them in the moment and then move on. But it’s also important not to dwell for too long, and someone close to me reminded me that there is also value in putting a smile on your face and focusing on the positives in life, even if you don’t feel that positive on the inside.

So I made a decision last week. It’s been a shitty year. But that year is done, and I’ve done my fair share of wallowing, so in the few of weeks that are left of 2016 I may as well enjoy myself! And so, as much as I hate Winter, here are a few things about the dreaded season that actually make me happy!



I’ve always been a hat person, and I really start to look forward to getting them out of the closet when it starts getting cold. My hair really doesn’t fare well in the Winter weather, so it’s great to be able to just throw on a hat and not worry about the frizz. Bonnie, on the other hand, is more a fan of the chunky knit, as you can see…..

Festive Drinks

Coffee Winter.jpg

It’s not like you can’t have a peppermint hot chocolate any other time of the year, but it just works better in Winter somehow? The second I see someone carrying one of those famous red cups I get a craving for a gingerbread latte. No matter how much I love them I wouldn’t dream of having one in the Summer – that’s just the way it is. Much like Mulled Wine, Hot Cider and Baileys.



So, it hasn’t actually snowed properly here in, like, 6 years. But still, every year, when the temperature suddenly plummets and I start to notice that twinkly frost glittering the pavements under the streetlamps on the walk home from the pub, I wonder, will we get some proper snow this year? There is something so peaceful about watching the snow fall silently outside the window when you’re snuggly inside, and everything looks so much pretty after a recent snowfall. I also am desperate to see how Bonnie responds as she has never seen a proper blizzard so I’m dying to see what she makes of it. Yep. Bring on some snow, I’m down for that. As long as it’s at the weekend. I can’t be doing with a snowy commute…..

Sunrises & Sunsets


One of the very few benefits of daylight savings is that when the days are so much shorter you are far more likely to catch the sun either coming up or going down! Sunrises and sunsets in the Winter can be pretty breathtaking, and can actually make that long journey to work in the near dark seem worth it, especially in the hours when most people are still in bed and the streets are peaceful and quiet! I also love the late afternoon in the Winter when the sun hangs really low in the sky and casts a golden glow over everything. That’s prime outfit photo lighting right there!



I am a huge child when it comes to Christmas. I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons to have children is actually to make Christmas exciting again! I know you are meant to hate the constant xmas songs and gaudy decorations and forced cheeriness and twinkling lights, but I don’t, I love it. Plus, you get to shop a lot LEGITIMATELY,  and what’s not to like about that??

German Market

Market Winter.jpg

Christmas in Birmingham means one thing – the annual German Market. It’s the biggest one outside Germany and always marks the start of the festive season for us Brummies. A lot of people claim to hate it, because it isn’t ‘authentic’ and it’s over priced and too busy and soooo cliche, but screw those people. It’s hard not to to feel cheerful with the chime of Christmas bells and the waft of mulled wine in the air. Of course most years we spend all of 10 minutes out in the cold before we give up and head to the pub, but that’s not the point….



Christmas also means glitter. Glitter shoes, glitter dresses, glitter nails. Sparkly decorations, wrapping paper, metallic ribbon on everything. Glitter everything, basically. It’s the one time of year you can dress like a Christmas Fairy without anyone batting an eyelid and I bloody love it!

Party Time


And of course there is no point in dressing like a Christmas Fairy if you don’t have a party to go to, but the next few weeks will provide ample opportunity! My diary is filling up nicely now with festive celebrations, dinners with old friends and Christmas parties, and I’m raring to go! There is no better way to counteract the blues than to get dressed up in you favourite frock, get yourself out there and laugh, dance and drink the night away with your favourite people. Even if you don’t feel like it, the festive cheer will take over soon enough and you’ll actually find you’re, shock horror, having FUN! So without further ado, I’m off to start outfit planning – those big skirts won’t blog themselves now, will they!

Bring it on Winter, I’m ready for you!



2 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Beating the Winter Blues

  1. Oh yes, snow can fall on Friday evening after I get home with the kids, so say 6pm as long as it’s gone by 8am Monday morning so that I can drive to work without incident! I’m quite happy to run in the snow, play in the snow with the kids at the weekend but digging my car out of the snow and sliding down the hill from the house to the main road…. Nope!


    1. Ha! Round here the buses run pretty well in the snow, but when it’s really bad everyone takes their cars instead and the roads get gridlocked! The last time we had really bad weather I ended up walking home – not because the buses had stopped but because the traffic was so bad no-one was going anywhere!! Took me an hour and a half, but I still beat the bus home! x


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