Outfit: Back to Black

Stripey 9.jpg

Every year without fail I moan about the fact that everything in the shops is drab and fifty shades of black. So here I am making a stand and wearing…. oh, black. Well, at least the skirt is a bit fun….

I’ve been waiting an age to wear this H&M mini skirt. I fell in love with it last Summer, but like everything I want it seems, it became a blogger favourite and sold out in what felt like minutes, so I ended up having to track it down on eBay. Inevitably, almost every time I came across one, some cheeky chancer was trying to get £50 or so for it, which, if you read my eBay post last week, you’ll know I just couldn’t bring myself to do when it was so cheap and cheerful in the first place.  I finally managed to lay my hands on it around May, but by then it was too warm – it’s just not a length I would feel comfortable in bare legged – so it had to go on the clothes rail until the weather got suitably dreary enough for thick tights. So maybe tights aren’t quite so evil after all!

The other bonus about the thick black tights is that, combined with the jumper, they dress the skirt down enough for me to still wear heels, which I wouldn’t normally have the guts for with this much leg on display. This was helpful, because the day these pics were taken was the day we travelled up to Beverley the night before I was Bridesmaid at a friend’s Wedding. We had a nice dinner and a few drinks planned, so I wanted to look smart for the occasion, but I didn’t want to look as though I was planning on hitting the town the night before the big day! I think I managed to pull of the right level of ‘dressy/casual’ though thanks to these Primark booties, which are the sisters to these that I wore to the Hen – they must be a lucky charm or something!

Cue awful photo’s of our horrendously messy garden. God it’s hard to get decent outfit shots in Winter!!


So now all I need to work on is injecting a bit more colour into my Winter wardrobe since I complain so often about it’s lack of availability this time of year! Stripes just look so good in monochrome though, don’t they?

Oh well, I’ll try harder next time…..



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