Outfit: TBT – The Joanna Dress

Joanna 8.jpg

It happened.

My yearning for the Summer has returned!

It doesn’t normally take too long – once Christmas festivities are out of the way, frosty mornings and minus temperatures quickly lose the charm they had in December. I’ve long since given up the hope for maybe a sprinkling of snow, and even those rare mornings when the sky is bright blue and the sunshine low and golden can’t make me fall in love with Winter. I’m done with it now and want nothing more than to escape to a beach and bake my sun-starved skin!

These pics were taken on the last night of our holiday to Greece back in June. I didn’t post them at the time because looking at them made me sad after things that happened after we got back, but now, now that most of that is firmly in the past and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever see daylight again, they’re making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Partly because it was a lovely time, partly because the pictures LITERALLY look all warm and fuzzy, but also because of this dress.

This dress is called Joanna, and Joanna is AWESOME. It’s by one of my favourite Brands when it comes to vintage style dresses – Collectif – though it was actually one of my all time favourite eBay bargains! Bought brand new with tags for the ridiculous price of £9.99, it quickly found it’s way into my heart thanks to it’s full, flouncy skirt and pretty sweetheart neckline. It’s not a particularly ‘dressy’ dress, but it has a way of making you feel a bit special, so despite being super eager to wear it, I saved it for our final night since we’d decided to treat ourselves to a posh dinner on the beach at sunset.

God I miss sunshine! I miss being brown! I miss being WARM!! And I miss wearing Joanna! I so want to be drinking Prosecco on a beach as the sun goes down right now.

Please hurry back again, Summer!




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