Fantasy Friday – Dolce & Gabbana Wool Pencil Dress

Dolce Dress.jpg
Green Wool Pencil Dress, Dolce & Gabanna c/o, £810

Since I’ve been rater frivolous lately, buying a never ending parade of glittery shoes, I thought I’d better feature something a little more mature and grown up for this weeks Fantasy Friday. Actually, that’s a lie. I just really like this dress. And I don’t give a toss if anyone finds my penchant for glittery shoes a little childish!

Still, it is a pretty grown up dress. It’s nothing too remarkable – it’s just a green pencil dress. But it just has an air of sophistication that makes me wonder if I really need a savings account. Who needs a house when you have a dress like this? Good things would happen to me if I owned this dress, I just know it. I would live in a big house with a cleaner and a gardener, and wear this frock to work – a high powered job doing….. well, doing something high powered. All my stationary would be Kate Spade, and match whatever I was wearing that day (obvs). I would definitely have a room just for all my Louboutins and I’d have matching handbags to go with all of them. I’d be one of those annoying people that is always Instagramming from somewhere sunny and scenic like Capri or Santorini, and I’d be into things like Matcha Tea and overnight oats and clean eating.

Of course those things would happen to me, because if I could afford to buy this dress, I’d obviously be freaking rich! I seem to have developed a bit of a penchant for Dolce dresses lately. I must be getting ideas above my station, I need to get back to Primark, where I belong!

Though if I was that person I would also own it in red. Just FYI…..



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