January Round Up



If there was one word I could think of to sum up January, that would be it. Grey.

Not just because of the weather, which is probably always at it’s worst this time of year. Not extreme by any means, just rubbish. It was cold. It rained pretty much constantly, and even when it wasn’t raining, the air was still damp with it and made my hair a complete frizzy mess. Outfit photos? Forget it. Dressing was purely functional this month, and anyway, even when I did have the motivation to put some effort into an outfit, the pics look largely as rubbish as this, so what’s the point? Yeah, that crappy attitude pretty much sums up my thoughts on January. So, when the world is dark and grey a grizzly outside and you’re trying your best not to spend money, it isn’t really going to add up to the most exciting month ever is it? Well, at least on the odd occasions I was having fun, at least I was living up to my promise of documenting things, right?

Um, no.

My iPhone broke at Christmas – the battery has been dying a slow and painful death for the last couple of months and it finally gave up the ghost the day before Christmas Eve and refused to turn on ever again. Goodbye old friend. Anyway, I’d been thinking of cancelling my contract for a while now, so decided to bite the bullet, wait it out till the contract end and find a better deal somewhere else. I had my work phone in the meantime, but the camera on it is pretty pants, so in my efforts to capture those fun moments I failed miserably. Sorry ’bout that!

Despite that, I did have fun – honest! I had some lovely date nights eating more delicious food than I should be considering I’m supposedly having a bit of a health kick. I even managed to get drunk at the cinema. I know, what kind of a heathen gets drunk at the cinema? Especially while watching an utterly heartbreaking weepy like A Monster Calls? (which was beautiful, by the way, if you are more of a grown up than me and can stop comparing Liam Neeson’s monster to his Optimus Prime. Seriously – exactly the same voice!) Probably just as well I didn’t do any documenting that night….. I also headed down to Surrey to help out at my Niece Keira’s 8th Birthday Party. She was having a Pamper Party and I was on hand to help style hair, paint nails and spread homemade avocado and honey face masks etc. This was far more sophisticated than my Birthday parties at that age. I’m pretty sure at 8 my friend and I had a joint roller skating party with chicken nuggets and a Snow White cake! These girls were all about the beautifying. It actually took me aback a little bit how seriously some of them took it – there were a few who didn’t want to put anything ‘mushy’ or sticky on their faces, and didn’t want to play the fun game my Sister in Law had devised for nail painting, including the dial from Twister and an array of brightly coloured polishes! It was as if they were worried about looking silly, which seemed a shame. They all had a fabulous time though, which I guess is the main point.


I have succeeded at some things though. Sorting out that phone contract was just the first of many ‘adult’ tasks I got around to. Yep, I’ve been adulting like a boss this month. I’ve actually freaked myself out with all the talking of insurance quotes, interest rates and ISAs I’ve been doing! The only real adult thing left on my list now is finally booking myself in for driving lessons, but I haven’t quite plucked up the courage for that just yet. I’ve also done an adequate job with the health kick. I say adequate because it hasn’t got quite off to the start I’d like, but it’s at least encouraging. I’ve started running again, though so far I’ve only managed 2 or 3 times per week, so must get more motivated! I’ve also been doing pretty well with eating a little healthier. My diet isn’t bad to be honest, but I’m a terrible snacker at work, especially when I’m stressed or struggling to focus, and I have a gripping dependency on caffeine which sees me downing at least one latte everyday. I’ve been pretty good at cutting back so far, but it’s hard because coffee has become a real coping mechanism, so finding something to replace that comfort when work is getting me down has been tough. Green tea is not the same, dammit! I’ve also been turning down an evening glass of wine in favour of a smoothie during the week, though I’m not even 100% convinced smoothies are any better for my sanity – early on in the month my blender managed to vibrate itself over the edge of the worktop, taking a bowl of granola with it and breaking the lid in the process. Bonnie is usually over to lick up and droppages in a flash but even she wasn’t willing to help clean up this mess, which says a lot. And again, not the same as a good old fashioned drink by any stretch, and I have caved and had a bath time gin on the odd occasion when the day was really bad! Still, everything in moderation, right?

So, in summary – January was boring, just like this post was boring. I apologise profusely for my lack of interesting life to read about. Must. Do. Better.

Fingers crossed for February!



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