Outfit: Black and Blue


Afternoon All!

Now, I know how much you LOVE those blurry, dark, indoor outfit photo’s I keep posting, so I thought what the hell, why not treat you to some more….!

These pics, while completely pants, do thankfully feature something worth looking at – this rather perfect structured dress by Oasis. It’s one of those perfect dresses that can suit pretty much any occasion, so it came in handy when I had an engagement party to go to straight after work. It’s the ultimate all rounder – it’s an incredibly flattering shape, thanks to its tulip shaped skirt, so it’s smart enough to wear in the daytime, paired with boots and a sharp blazer. But the pretty floral pattern and lace finish give it a dressy edge that is easy to dress up for the evening with the right pair of shoes.

My only conundrum was the fact that it is rather short, and it was minus degrees outside, making thick black tights a must – so just what was the right pair of shoes exactly?

Enter Amy, my favourite Carvela Mary Janes!

They’re a little higher than I tend to wear these days thanks to that platform, but they’ve been such a constant in my collection for so many years now I’m not sure I could ever part with them. A great pair of Mary Jane’s is a lifesaver for me in the Winter months – I have a bit of an aversion to tights and court shoes you see. I end up spending hours obsessing over my feet, examining them to see if there are wrinkles around my toes or if you can see the bobbly bits around my ankles! Honestly, it’s just better for my sanity not to bother! But the strap on a Mary Jane shoe somehow makes this go away inexplicably.

Anyone else wondering if I have some form of fashion related OCD?





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