Fantasy Friday -Ralph & Russo ‘Eden’ Ankle Boots


Oh my.

It’s not all that often I’m left a little speechless by a humble fashion item, but wow.

When I first saw a picture of these, they were strutting down a catwalk – a magical place where pretty things that are just meant to be looked at live – in this post. To be fair, I was still a little awestruck at the shoes I just posted, so maybe I didn’t absorb the full impact of their beauty. But honestly, I kind of didn’t really believe they could exist in real life. They’re just so pretty, they look like they belong in a fairytale. I don’t know if it’s the delicate painted floral satin, or the signature filigree vines creeping up the heel, but I honestly feel like someone crept into my head and stole these right out of my imagination. They’re literally the ultimate Friday Fantasy!

They are real though, and for the bargain price of just under £1500 (ouch, that hurts!) they could be yours too! If you’re feeling even richer, you could even buy this pretty blush pink and rose gold counterpart, which is just as stunning, yet somehow a little more innocent. There is actually a whole good fairy/wicked fairy story unfolding in my brain right now….!


Of course if all that costume drama is a bit much for you – lets be honest, as stunning as they are, how wearable are they really on an ordinary day – you could invest in the boring old black suede version. Except they aren’t boring, they’re basically awesome. Underneath all that pretty flora and fauna is a rather perfectly shaped ankle boot, and that becomes really apparent in the classic black version.

Now I just need a real life fairy to magic me a lottery win so I can have all three….! If you already have a fairy godmother (you lucky bitch, you) you can buy all three here.



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