Reasons to be Cheerful – DAYLIGHT!!



Do you know what this is?

Yes – you are correct, this is indeed a hastily snapped iPhone photo of a very uninteresting city scape.

It also depicts something else though, something which lifts my very soul and makes me grin from ear to ear, get excitement induced butterflies in my tummy and want to do a little happy dance. If you read this blog often enough, you probably know where I’m going with this already.

It’s daylight. Daylight at 5.30pm. Daylight, even though I left work late. It’s basically a sign of better things to come, the promise of Spring. IT IS HOPE, PEOPLE! HOPE PERSONIFIED! It only lasted about 10 minutes, and it was dark before I even made it to the bus stop, but I saw it, however fleetingly, and it has given me a new lease of life.

Yeah, I get way over the top excited once the nights start getting lighter, in case you hadn’t noticed. To most people this evening was the same as any other, another dull Monday night, they probably didn’t even notice that fading bit of blue sky as they rushed to get home to loved ones and crack open a bottle of wine. I sure noticed though, because I’ve been waiting for this little sign for months now, and I know fellow SAD sufferers will know where I’m coming from.

I won’t bore you all to death with yet another tale of woe about how tough I find the Winter, how those dark evenings seem to drag on forever and make me feel like I exist in an eternal night where all I do is work then sleep then work again. You’ve suffered enough of those already. You know the deal. But this year in particular, after such a crappy 2015 & 2016, this changing of the seasons feels more symbolic than ever, and I can’t wait to get cracking on my fresh new start (not that I haven’t been trying, you understand, but I’m just so rubbish at motivating myself in the Winter!). Spring is a mere few weeks away and warmer weather and sundresses and Pimms are just around the corner! I can almost feel the sunshine already!

So for at least another 12 hours (my estimated timescales for to forget how cheery I am and start ranting again because someone or other killed my buzz) I am happy. Happy, happy, happy and full of joy and plans for Summer weekends and holidays and long lazy nights in beer gardens. And you should be grateful too, because I might finally post some outfit pictures that aren’t completely pants!



2 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – DAYLIGHT!!

  1. I was thinking the same thing when I left work at 5pm last night in the DAYLIGHT! I almost skipped to my car. Sure it was dark-ish by the time I’d collect Felix and then got home at 5:45pm but as you say, it’s the mere promise of things to come that lift the spirits 🙂


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