Reasons to be Cheerful – After Work Walkies


Now here’s a happy Steph and a happy pup! Ok, Bonnie doesn’t look quite as happy as me, it’s true. She is though, honest. She told me so. In my defence I haven’t really caught her best side,  but it’s bloody hard to get a selfie of yourself and the dog at the same time while walking, trust me on this. This was attempt number 8ish – I had to keep walking in opposite directions about 3 times to catch her looking in the right direction, trying to coax her with treats, and got stared at by lots of fellow dog walkers who wondered what the hell I was doing….! Mind you, I talk to her quite a lot while we’re out so it wouldn’t be the first time that they’d wondered that…

We’re happy because we’ve finally hit that point in the year where, if I rush, there is time to squeeze a proper walk in after work before it gets dark! I have to admit, since moving back home I’ve gotten a little bit lazy about walking the dog, because she tends to get a big walk in the day, and because her Dad has her on a Sunday, that only really leaves Saturdays for me and Bonnie to have some Mummy-Doggy bonding time. This is probably also the reason my waist keeps expanding, but there you go….!

I can take er out when I get in, but Bons is still a funny old pup and isn’t a fan of walking at night, when scary strangers can creep up on her and pushchairs or bikes seem to appear out of nowhere! So during the Winter, an evening walk just isn’t really all that fun for her (or me – those occasions where she tries to drag me into the path of oncoming traffic to avoid a youngster on a scooter are a little nerve wracking to be fair!). In the Summer though, we get to go to open grassy spaces where she can have a good run around and I can breathe in the fresh air and forget about the stresses of the day. I’m certain I’m going to feel a whole lot calmer now that the light nights are back, and hopefully so will Bonnie now she’s going to be getting all that extra exercise!

If it helps my butt shrink a little faster that’s also an added bonus of course….



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