February Round Up

Before we start, can I ask one question?

How the blinkin’ hell is it March already?? I know, everyone says that, all the time, every year. But SERIOUSLY? I mean it, I wasn’t kidding about that alarming passing of time last week. It’s started to make me feel a little unnerved this month. Or do I mean last month? Oh, I don’t even know anymore…..

Anyway, the passage of time wasn’t the only thing that was weird this month. February 2017 will forever go down for me as the month the Great British Weather finally tipped over from slightly schizophrenic into full blown personality disorder territory. It got off to a great start – most of my documenting looked a bit like this thanks to plenty of those crisp Winter days when the sun hangs low in the sky and casts long shadows on the ground:

Then less than a week later, this happened:

Snow. Hmmmm. Curious. Then of course we had the much welcomed Caribbean air I was talking about in this post. Suddenly out of nowhere it was bare leg weather when just the week before I was cursing myself for daring to wear shoes instead of boots in sub zero temperatures! Gosh that warm air was a happy surprise. It didn’t last long though, because next along came Storm Doris with all her gale force winds and travel disrupting skills. Thankfully, the night she hit I was staying in the city and so didn’t get stranded like thousands of others, which is actually a miracle, given my luck with travel plans. Since then it’s pretty much just rained for 8 days solid, which is far more like the weather we know and hate love but nonetheless dull as a bag of dull things.

Weather aside, the rest of the month has actually been, well, pretty fun! The first weekend we took my Mum to Bicester for the day for a nice, girly shopping trip. It was actually her Christmas present, so we made a bit of a fuss and drank some fizz on the way down. We had a fabulous afternoon drooling over all the discount designer goods. The highlight for me was, of course, my beloved Kate Spade, and we managed somehow to resist splurging bucketloads of dosh while there, though the same can’t be said for when I got back. The trip may possibly be to blame for the two new eBay sourced Kate Spade bags currently sat on my dressing table as we speak, but more on that tomorrow…..

The following weekend we’d arranged a trip for a friend’s Birthday. As he is a fellow lover of gin we’d planned a whole gin themed pub crawl, which I’d completely planned to document and devote a post to… but then gin happened and I only got about three photos! It was a really fun day though, and if I have to do it all over again just so that I can write about it, well then that’s not such a bad thing…! February is also famous of course for Valentines Day – I have never really been one to celebrate since it falls a couple of days before my Birthday, but I still had a lovely day, with a lovely card and lunch with my beloved. That evening my sister and I cooked up a huge Moroccan feast for my family, so in a way, even though it wasn’t the traditional way to celebrate it was kind of fitting! Also, I wore hearts, and found a heart shaped potato so I guess I didn’t completely bypass the occasion!

The rest of the month has frankly passed in a blur – I started working Saturdays, so haven’t spent a huge amount of time doing anything worth documenting, but that doesn’t matter much to me. It’s worth it to see the extra money piling up, and daydreaming about the house I’ll buy is helping pass the time. It doesn’t help to write interesting round up posts though, so on that note I’ll leave it there!

Hope February treated you as well as it treated me. Well, except for the weather anyway!



2 thoughts on “February Round Up

  1. Love your Bicester pics! My aunt lives in Bicester, it’s an hour away from us but I’ve only been ONCE would you believe. It’s just so darn busy all the time we avoid it like the plague. The one time I did go I wanted a KS bag but just could not decide which one so I left empty handed. Good job as I found out a week later I was pregnant again. I just check eBay every now and then instead 🙂


    1. It wasn’t too bad when we went, but we booked a weekday off specially to avoid the crowds! I’ve been before at Christmas and it was hell on earth!! x


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