Moments of Weakness – February

I’m going to start with a disclaimer – that whole saving up like a boss and being an A-grade adult thing didn’t really happen this month. I blame the Birthday. Somehow my eBay shopping habit spun out of control this month, and I seem to have acquired far more pretty but useless things than I normally do. In my defense, a few of the things I bought are things I’ve wanted for  really long time, and they just happened to pop up for the first time in my size all in the same month, but still! None of what you are about to see was in any way required, nor particularly practical. It is MINE ALL MINE though, and every single one of them put a darn big smile on my face, so I don’t regret them one bit. SO THERE.

It all started with this:

Kate Spade.jpg

You all know how much I love Kate Spade, and on that trip to Bicester I fell for a particularly gorgeous hot pink tote bag. I really, really wanted that bag, but even though the highly discounted £120 was extremely bargainous I just couldn’t bring myself to part with the cash. Not that I don’t think it was worth it – it totally was – but I knew I’d have limited opportunities to use a hot pink tote, and so my sensible side won. Instead, I thought I’d take a look on eBay to see if I could maybe pick one up second hand a little cheaper so I didn’t feel quite so guilty, and well, the rest is history! With postage this cost me £75 and since it’s rarely left my side since it arrived, in perfect condition may I add, I’m calling that money well spent!

The rest of my purchases are far less sensible unfortunately, but no less awesome – SORRY NOT SORRY – particularly my little Lindy Bop splurge. First came Matilda:


I already own one Matilda, which is a really lovely style for the Summer months, and have always wanted this cutesy bicycle print version, which sold out almost immediately when it was released last year. Unfortunately, it seems everyone else has always wanted one too, as I’ve always been thwarted in my attempts to track one down. Finally it seems a higher starting price put off my contenders and she became mine for the still very reasonable price of £28! It’s more than I’d usually pay for a second hand frock, but I’d have happily paid full price if it was still available so I’m not going to beat myself up too much over it.

Next came Uma:


Uma was a little treat for myself to make up for the fact I’d had to spend some Amazon vouchers I’d had sat in my account for a rainy day on a new hairdryer when mine finally gave up the ghost. You have no idea how much I begrudged spending them on something so pedestrian, so spotting this at a bargain £18 really took the sting out of it! The print on this is just gorgeous and I really can’t wait to wear it.

Finally came Marlene:


My desire to own Marlene was two-fold. Firstly, my obsession with all things pastel and gingham as soon as the weather warms up – of all the gingham offerings I featured last year Marlene was one of my favourites (ok, I really preferred the Pretty Dress Company’s Priscilla, but Marlene was a much more affordable alternative, and in real life she is a very close second!) She also coincidentally would work very well as a fancy dress costume as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz now that I have the perfect ruby slippers! I swear, I didn’t only buy it for that reason! But it’s always nice to know it’s an option!

That was not, by far, the end of my shopping escapade!

Next came a shoe spree, beginning with yet more glitter and ending with a pair of purple bows:

Carvela Leila:

Miss KG Gabriella:

Kurt Geiger Dolly:

Yeah, I know. Completely unnecessary. Know what though? Not one of these pairs cost me more than £20 – SO STILL NOT SORRY.

At this point I had decided enough was enough, there really was no need to buy anything else. But then something amazing happened. Remember that Louche lemon print dress I told you all about last year? The one I’ve regretted not buying ever since? The one that haunts my very dreams? Someone finally decided to relinquish one from their clutches and list it on eBay. Well, I wasn’t going to say no to that was I? It’s now mine, and more beautiful than I remembered. Only problem is, it’s literally the most summery thing I’ve ever owned so I’m probably going to have to splurge on a holiday just to get some wear out of it. Such problems!


Finally, I had some Birthday money from my parents burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to have another look at Kate Spade handbags since the first purchase was such a success! Since it was a gift I could afford to be a little more frivolous in my choices, and so managed to bag this darling little Wellesley Alessa in duck egg blue:


Sure, it’s not as useful as a black and white one, but it was brand new, just £55 with no bids and SO FREAKING CUTE, so now it’s mine, and if I have to wear pastels all Summer to get use out of it, that’s a challenge I’m willing to take on.

And that brings my disgusting, self indulgent February shopping spree to a close.

Bookmarking with Kate Spade though – wish I could do that every month!




2 thoughts on “Moments of Weakness – February

    1. Ha ha, I’ve had to impose a temporary ban on browsing ‘just to see whats out there’ as I was fearing it was going to quickly become a compulsive habit! Maybe just a treat every now and then! x


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