Outfit: TBT – Making No Effort At All

Black Beach 5

Oh, how much I wanted to be on holiday today!

That lovely Spring cheer I’ve been going on about? Gone. Hopefully just temporarily, but it’s rained solid for 2 days, it’s cold again, and worked sucked today. So I haven’t been in the best mood. Especially since the last couple of weeks have been so lovely! How cruel the British weather can be, giving you all that hope but bringing out the sunshine, then snatching it away again at the drop of a hat! I’d actually gotten my mac back out and was considering packing my boots away for a while, but no, looks like I’ll be getting a bit more wear out of them yet. All that bright sunlight last week had had me hankering for my Summer frocks and bare legs, so much so that I found myself flicking through my photos from our June holiday – big mistake. I was already yearning for a bit of warmth, so looking back at these pictures just made me want another holiday so much it almost hurt! It looks so warm! And I look so relaxed! I’d kill to be back there right now, far away from rain and work and all those irritating people that seem intent on spoiling my day.

Another thing that I want back from these photos? That incredible ability of a holiday to make you feel a million bucks even when you’ve just scraped your hair back and thrown on an ancient Primark smock! I am not looking good at the moment. The damp air is playing havoc with my hair, my skin is all pale and dry and I’m feeling particularly tired and pasty – not exactly a confidence booster! Even on the days when I got up early enough to make a bit of an effort I end up looking like a bedraggled, drowned rat by the time I get to the office, and some days, as I step into the hideous strip lighting of the lift on my way home, I catch sight of myself in the mirror and can’t help thinking ‘OH MY GOD, WHO IS THAT OLD LADY???’ Yep, I’m in serious need of a bit of vitamin D, that’s for sure. Just look at me in these pics – I’m nearly a stone heavier, clearly made zero effort getting ready, and yet I look as happy as can be. Literally, could not give a crap about my skin, or the size of my belly or the fact I haven’t straightened my hair. The power of a tan and some R & R!

P1000474BlackBeach1Black Beach 7Black Beach 2Black Beach 6Black Beach 4Black Beach 3P1000483

PLEASE TAKE ME BACK TO CRETE, MY SANITY DEPENDS ON IT!! Ok, maybe not my sanity, maybe just my complexion. Still though…. priorities…..!




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