Saturday Shopping – Cute Cropped Cardigans @ Collectif

Despite the fact I own so many 50’s style full skirts and dresses, I only actually own one cropped cardigan. Just one! This isn’t so bad in the Winter, when I can tuck my cardigan into the waistband or layer over a dress with a cinched in belt. But in the Spring or Summer when a cardigan is simply a cover up rather than a key part of your outfit, only having regular length cardigans becomes problematic. I normally end up tying them at the waist, or even forgoing one altogether in the hopes it will stay warm – not likely in England even at the height of Summer! Yep, a cropped cardigan is the bread and butter of the retro fashion fan’s wardrobe, so it’s about time I resolved this problem.

That problem is exactly what I was pondering this morning while doing my usual Saturday morning browse, and no sooner had I hit Collectif I started to wonder if they’d somehow wiretapped my head and were listening to my very thoughts, because there before me unfolded a whole darn array of them! I often have this suspicion about Collectif, to be fair, but their timing this time really is uncanny. Only problem now is, how many which one should I buy??

I’m particularly enamoured with the sugary sweet teal and pink combinations, which seems to be somewhat of a theme in their newest collection, but those darling pearl buttons on both the Jessie’s are also tugging at my heartstrings somewhat. Decisions, decisions! You can find all these and more here….

Which one would you go for?




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