Outfit: The Day to Night Blouse

As you know, I only recently discovered the art of casual dressing – pat on the back, me. That only took 34 years…. Anyway, having told myself I wasn’t capable of looking good in anything other than a huge full skirt and heels, I was thrilled to discover that there wasn’t actually a secret art – I just had to take something I would normally wear to work, and simply substitute my heels for flats. Job done! So, as warned, I have now been parading a bevy of near identical outfits that largely feature skinny jeans with a pretty blouse, so of course that is also largely what you’re going to see here until it gets warming enough to don all those big skirts again…..!

This particular combo was worn a while back on a date night to Digbeth Dining Club – a weekly event in Birmingham where street food vendors convene to serve up yummy treats alongside lashings of beer and live music. Being a date night, it was still important for me to feel ‘pretty’ so I went with this Oasis blouse that has been in regular rotation since I bought it a couple of months ago. I really love the colour and floral design, and it is made of a lovely, silky fabric, which never fails to make me feel great when I put it on. I also love that when combined with my leather jacket and my hair tied back, the look goes from girly and smart to a little bit more laid back and edgy, but without compromising on ‘pretty’ factors, particularly when worn with a matching lippy! Obviously I’m wearing those nude flats yet again, because I seem to struggle to wear anything else lately – I have at least two more outfits to post featuring them in just the last few weeks, so apologies in advance if you get sick of the sight of them!

Dining Club 5Dining Club 1Dining Club 8Dining Club 3Dining Club 4Dining Club 2Dining Club 6Dining Club 9Dining Club 7April 32

All in all, while not my usual look for a night out – I just can’t help but want to get ‘dressed up’ any chance I have, then instantly feel like a bit of a plonker for being the only girl in the room who looks like she’s off to the ball – it felt like the perfect fit for the occasion so it’s bound to be worn again in future. I promise I do have some more of those pretty frocks to post soon though – I’m not a completely changed woman!



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