Outfit: Dressy Dressed Down

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‘Going Out’ just isn’t what it used to be these days. Gone are the days where I was out most weekends and maybe a couple in the week if I was feeling particularly social. Long gone are the days where a night out inevitably involved some shots and a good old stint on the dancefloor. And the days where I could still get up on a weekday after ‘a few quiet ones’ and function all day at work? Forget about it. Those days are a distant memory. I can hardly handle a hangover from my bed, never mind my desk! A night out for me these days is most likely to involve a bottle of two or wine, a good chat and a giggle and bed before midnight, and even those nights are few and far between now. Honestly though? I can’t say I’m too bothered. I don’t want to start sounding like an old fogey, because 34 is hardly long in the tooth, but I’m just not cut out for that shiz anymore. I like that my social occasions are more low key now. And on those rare occasions where it is a big celebration a little more like the days gone by, I can’t help but find myself feeling a little bit tired, irritated at being jostled left right and centre and wondering why it has to be so damn loud. Even when I’m having the most fun I’m often in the back of my mind missing my dog and my other half and looking forward to going home and getting into bed with one (or occasionally both!) of them.

One thing I do miss about the nights out of my youth though, is that part of the occasion was choosing your outfit. Conversations would revolve around what you were planning to wear and the more special the occasion the more likely it was you’d be buying something new. Even just a trip to the pub was a dress and heels kind of event, and I have to say I’m a teeny bit sad that doesn’t seem to be the done thing now. These days, when enquiring about what people are wearing when we’re due on a night out, the most common response is, ‘Oh, just dressy-cash‘, a phrase that fills me almost with more dread than ‘casual’, because we all know I struggle enough with casual dressing, never mind casual dressing where you have to look like you made a bit of an effort in case you end up in a nightclub! Soooo confusing for my small, sartorially challenged brain! Hence why any outfit I wear on these occasions can almost guarantee to be made up of jeans and a nice top, just like in these pics, which were taken for my sister’s birthday in April. When I asked what the plan for the night was, I got the ultimate of vague descriptions – start with drinks at mine, then probably to some local pubs. There might be dancing later though, we’ll see how it goes….! Dammit! Thankfully I have a multitude of nice camisoles in my wardrobe, though I’ve admittedly gone for a pretty boring black one here. I didn’t really want to wear heels in case the dancing in question happened to a juke box in our local rather than a club – which has been known to happen on plenty of occasions – so I opted for a pair of wedges instead which felt like a happy compromise. I’m not convinced it’s the most exciting night out outfit I’ve ever posted, but it did the job, though I’m definitely up for hearing your tips on how to give a ‘dressy-cash’ outfit a bit more oomph!

Wine 1Wine 2Wine 3Wine 4Wine 5Wine 6Wine 7

Any thoughts?



In this post: Black cami, ASOS (Similar) – ‘Eden’ jeggings, Dorothy Perkins (other colours available) – ‘Hyacinth’ Wedges, Kurt Geiger (Similar) – Clutch, Primark (Similar)


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    1. Thank you! Yep, my hangovers used to be bad to start then clear up quickly as long as I stayed busy – these days they just get progressively worse as the day goes on! x

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