Reasons to be Cheerful – The Great British Summer


Ahh, the great British summer! A wonderful time of year when the nation rushes outside to squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of the day, packing themselves into any bar they can find with an outdoor area and consuming Pimms like it’s about to become extinct. Where the scent of charred meat wafts from every garden and everyone becomes a grilling expert. When parks are awash with the naked torsos of men who clearly haven’t bared flesh in quite a while and the women wear as little as possible as soon as the mercury tips into double figures! When the skin of the majority is a garish shade of lobster pink, and Facebook is filled with the moans and groans of Office workers and commuters who can’t take the heat….

I don’t paint a pretty picture, do I, but regardless of the cheesy stereotypes, I love it! I’m unashamedly British when it comes to the Summer! I’ll happily sit shivering outside for as long as I can bear once it hits late May just so I can get some wear out of my Summer dresses and spend some time in the Great outdoors! I’m a sucker for a home-grilled BBQ – heck, we’ve had about 4 already and it’s only June! And I can safely say there is pretty much an 8 week window during the Summer months where I find it acceptable to drink Pimms, despite thinking it delicious. I’ve already gained some questionable tan lines on myself – normally after being told three times ‘Keep an eye on your shoulders Steph, you look like you’ve caught the sun a bit there…‘ and replying ‘Nah, it’s fine….!’

Yep, I just can’t get enough. The world just seems like a nicer place to me when the sun is out, my only gripe is a that I wish it lasted a little bit longer! Today at work I’ve listed to people all around me complain about the heat and how they wish it would end and I just think they’re bonkers! Perhaps I was born on the wrong continent?

Summer 2Summer 3Summer 4

Hope you’re all managing to stay cool in the heat! If you aren’t though, please don’t wish it away, it’s not like it’s ever around for all that long!



6 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – The Great British Summer

  1. I’m with you, I love the sunshine and the warmth although it’s been 30+ the last four days down here and the kids are crabby, no one sleeps so well and you can’t actually go outside in it for long. But what those scorching days do give are endless evenings outside in the garden! I long for those days so made the most of it Saturday, Sunday and Monday night staying out until 10pm when it got too dark to read. It felt a bit like being abroad and looking at the forecast, it’ll be gone by Friday 😦


  2. Love it! This is so true about shivering away to get the most out of your summer wardrobe –
    despite it chucking down with rain most of this week I have refused to wear a jacket because it’s August god dammit! πŸ™‚


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