Outfit: Beautiful Birds

Birds 1.jpg

So, in a perfect example of how I am a walking contradiction, in todays outfit post I’m wearing something that last week, with slightly different accessories, I said I felt really uncomfortable in. I was pretty adamant that had I been wearing it with thick tights and boots I’d have felt fine, which might have led some people to believe it was my bare legs that were the problem. But no. That would be misleading. I don’t mind getting my legs out. In fact, I’m passionate about continuing to wear minis even though I’m, gasp, 34. Nope, here I am in another Oasis tea dress with bare legs, and in contrast, instead of feeling awkward, I felt AWESOME. So it’s not the legs. It was literally just the trainers (I think I’m over that already too, by the way. As soon as I saw the photos I realised I was just being a numpty).

To be fair, it would be difficult for me to not feel awesome in this dress, regardless of the ensemble. I own a rather a large amount of tea dresses from Oasis thanks to their particular skills with pretty prints, however this one is definitely my favourite of all of them. I adore the vintage bird print, and the lace detail with the collar make it just that little bit more special. It’s also made out of a lovely silky material, which really adds to it’s appeal, and unlike my others which I tend to wear in more casual outfits, I feel like it could also lend itself to a more formal occasion if dressed up a little.

This particular occasion was just a simple stroll along the canal on a warm Summer’s evening, so nothing fancy, but it felt like a special occasion somehow as the dress makes me feel so confident and happy! And I suppose that is why I love fashion so much – because the right outfit can make all the difference to your day!

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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Beautiful Birds

  1. Sometimes your mood will dictate whether your satisfied with your outfit choice for the day. And a huge πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» for wearing things your “not supposed to wear at your age”. I think anyone should wear whatever makes them happy!

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