Outfit: Introducing Caterina

Pink & Teal 1.jpg

Caterina, Caterina, Caterina.

Where the blinkin’ hell have you been all my life?? Seriously?!

I’ve been a huge fan of Collectif for a while now, as you know. Strangely, my first ever Collectif purchase was the Marlene trench coat, aaaaaaaall the way back at the start of 2015 (which I’ve only just noticed I’ve never featured in an outfit post – note to self, must arrange one pronto once I get back from my hols!) but it has always been their vintage style dresses that have captured my imagination. Most of the time, as you know, a gorgeous retro dress to me has normally got a full skirt attached to it, but Collectif are also pretty darn good at pencil dresses – something you don’t see me wearing all that often here.

Now, it isn’t because I don’t love a good pencil dress. In fact, I think there are few things more alluring on a lady than a perfectly fitted wiggle skirt or dress. Therein lies the problem though, in that ‘perfectly fitted’ often means tight across the tum, which is one of the main areas I’m self concious about. I also tend to class that shape as more formal, for some reason, possibly because they often look best paired with high heels, so while I have a few I don’t wear them too frequently.

That all changed though when I found Caterina! I’d eyed her up a few times before as you may recall from my Lust Haves posts, but it was this pretty floral version that finally convinced me to make the purchase. Unlike the more clingy, jersey style fabrics a lot of pencil dresses tend to be made from, this one uses a forgiving cotton material, which paired with the cute collar and button through detail, make it easy to dress down.

Ironically, after all that talk of how that makes me feel a little over dressed, I went and paired it with heels anyway! But that was mainly because these particular heels, which are fairly modest in height anyway, matched oh so perfectly with this adorable cardigan, also by Collectif. I absolutely loved the colour combinations they released of teal, pink and lilac this year. They aren’t obvious colours to pair together, but after rocking this look I’ll be sure to try it again in future.

Pink & Teal 3Pink & Teal 4Pink & Teal 2Pink & Teal 6Pink & Teal 8Pink & Teal 5Pink & Teal 7

The only downside to discovering a gorgeous new Collectif style though, is that they tend to keep re-releasing them in multitudes of prints and colours. I know that sounds like a good thing, but I’m just not sure my bank balance can cope with how much I want all the Autumnal tartan styles that have started to creep in!

It’s a blessing and a curse for sure, but I do hope they never stop making Caterina, even if she does make me poor…!



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