Fantasy Friday – Lena Hoshek Pretty Woman Dress

You know how everyone is always going on about how every girl needs a ‘little black dress’ in their wardrobe? Well, don’t tell anyone, but I don’t get all that excited about little black dresses. Sure, I have them. But with all those colours and prints and styles out there, a plain black dress just seems… well it just seems a little dull is all. I mean, I know black goes with everything, and it supposedly suits everyone, and it’s meant to be slimming and blah blah blah, and I’m not saying I don’t necessarily disagree with all that, but honestly? I’m always going to pick something spangly first. Fact. A plain black dress has just never really been enough to grab my attention.

Until now….

Guys, I think I just found my dream LBD:


Pretty Woman Dress
‘Pretty Woman’ Dress, Lena Hoshek, £935

Ok, maybe ‘little’ is not an adjective you can really apply here. That’s a hell of a lot of skirt going on there. A hell of a lot of frothy, polka dotted, tulle skirt. It’s also not something you could ever claim was plain or dull – this dress by Lena Hoshek is a perfect example of how sometimes simplicity can be the most dazzling thing of all. I mean, it’s a relatively simple design, without too much detail, and yet it still had the power to stop me dead in my tracks. So I guess what I’m saying is, I think I’m finally starting to get my head around the LBD thing! Especially now that I’ve also just realised a simple black dress acts as the perfect blank canvas for an amazing pair of glittery shoes – my biggest weakness that I struggle every time to justify due to the shortage of outfits to wear them with! Just which of these sparkly beauties would I choose though??

Planet Pumps, Lena Hoshek, £230

I’ve never thought of black as a festive colour, but this dress and a pair of those heels would have me ready to take on any party!

One thing is for sure though – my boobs would not look anything like that, so this probably isn’t really the LBD for me (nothing to do with the fact it costs nearly a grand of course…) Still, a girl can dream…!




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