Outfit: Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue 6.jpg

Ugh Autumn. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but I’m not a fan. My mood plummets as quickly as the temperature at this time of year, I don’t feel any of that excitement about wrapping up warm or crisp Autumn mornings or frolicking in falling leaves. All I can think about is how many of my summer frocks I didn’t get around to wearing, and wondering how many days are left until I stop seeing sunlight during the working week. It isn’t the cheeriest of times for me, but don’t worry, I’ll only bore you with whining about it for a little bit longer before I get over it and get on with life. Promise.

Unfortunately it doesn’t make for particularly inspiring outfit posts though, as I tend to find myself falling into a very self indulgent pit of despair and lose all capability of deciding what to wear each day. I just have no motivation right now to be creative, all I know is that I’m not ready yet to start wearing the dreaded tights or get my boots out of storage, so I’m largely stuck with trousers as a daytime option, and that is why you are about to see an endless parade of near identical combinations of jeans, courts and a blazer much like this one. Sorry ’bout that.

I tried to keep things cheery here by mixing a palette of blue shades, and desperately clinging onto my beloved breton stripes and pastels, but there is no kidding anyone. I’m just as blue on the inside! Though we did win the pub quiz just a couple of hours later which cheered me up a bit at least…..

Blue on Blue 4Blue on Blue 7Blue on Blue 1Blue on Blue 5Blue on Blue 3Blue on Blue 8Blue on Blue 2

So, apologies in advance for how samey my upcoming outfit shots are going to be. Still, at least you know it will only be for a few weeks, then I’ll be parading an endless parade of tea dresses and boots instead…!



In this post: Jeans, H&M – White Top, Primark (Similar) – Striped Blazer, Choies (Similar) – Navy Shoes, Dorothy Perkins (Similar) – Handbag, Superbia (Similar)

5 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue on Blue

  1. My tought about autumn are the opposite of yours ahahah it’s my favourite season, I love the refreshned air, the darker warmer colors and the layer outfit! Your look is great: I’d use it for a job interview, for the office or for a college exam! I love the striped blazer and the mix of blues!

    xx Federica | https://federicasdreams.wordpress.com/

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  2. I’m with you Steph, I do not look forward to layers and knits etc nor what comes after autumn…. dreaded winter! Ice, cold, scrapping the car every morning. Nope. No thanks. I also mourn the loss of daylight runs of an evening, I find it so much harder to get out in the dark once I’m home from work and have put the kids to bed! By then I’m tired and warm and…… It’s too easy to dip out!

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