Outfit: The Dilemma Dress

Sailor 3

I had a bit of a dilemma buying this dress. See, it looks a hell of a lot the Bettie Page ‘Captain’ dress that I’ve been obsessed with ever since Blair Waldorf stepped out in the wiggle version in Gossip Girl. The problem with that dress though, was firstly that everyone else in the world also wanted it, meaning I missed my chance, and secondly, it just cost too darn much. Worth every penny, I’m sure of that, but my budget then and now didn’t stretch quite that far for a daytime dress.

I almost forgot about the Captain dress. My obsessive eBay searching petered out quite some time ago, and I can’t remember the last time I saw it pop up on Pinterest. But then when buying this dress, worn to my friend’s wedding earlier this Summer, I spotted it. The Captain Dress! Except it wasn’t the Captain dress, it was just a copy, but a remarkabley good one, and very, very cheap to boot.

So where is the dilemma..? I hear you ask. Well, morally, I’m not sure how I feel about buying outright copies of a very successful dress. It seems a bit wrong for another Brand to cash in on someone else’s beautiful design without having to have put any effort into coming up with the idea. But this is a dress I’ve dreamed of for a loooooong time, and did I mention already that it was very, very cheap??

Guys, I like to think of myself as a moral person, but my need for the dress won. I bought it. Oh, I’m guessing you knew that since I’ve already posted a picture…. Anyway, I am certain that in real life this frock wouldn’t hold a candle to the original, but I’m pretty darn happy with it. For the price, it is a perfectly lovely dress. I love how much fabric is in the skirt, I love it’s beautiful big collar and I love most of all that it didn’t bankrupt me! Plus, I get to dress up like a sailor again, and we all know how much I love that….

Sailor 1Sailor 5Sailor 2Sailor 4Sailor 6Sailor 7Sailor 8

No regrets! I wonder if they also do the white version….!



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