Outfit: Louche Kiah Lemon Dress

Lemons 5

Standby – the holiday outfit posts have landed! I know it’s Autumn and I’m supposed to be showing you all how good I am at layering and waxing lyrical about coats, but screw that. Autumn sucks, so I’m going to gleefully ignore it a little longer by sharing all the frocks I wore on our recent holiday to Tenerife. Soooorreeeeeeey!

And what a frock to start with, huh? Regular readers will recognise this as the long lusted after Kiah dress by Louche, a bargain I finally managed to bag myself on eBay earlier this year after over a year of searching. You would think that after waiting so long for this beauty, I’d have rushed straight to my room to try it on, right? Well, no. In fact, the Summer came and went without me wearing it even once. See, the moment I unwrapped it it spoke to me. Not literally, of course – I know I probably seem like the kind of weirdo that would talk to their clothes, but I’m not losing it, honest. But it just instantly said ‘holiday’ to me. I don’t know if it was the bright sunny colours or the fun, fruity print, but I immediately knew that the first time I wore this dress, it would have to be somewhere sunny and exotic. A tepid English Summer day was just not going to cut it. So there it hung in anticipation for nearly 6 months, waiting for the fateful day it would finally get thrown into a suitcase and board a plane. I never even tried it on.

This was a bit of a gamble, because I didn’t even know that it fit. I have bought dresses from Louche in the past, but they were very different styles to this one, so there was no guarantee. And even if it did fit me, there was still a chance it might not suit me – and I’d waited such a long time to wear this dress, it would have been a huge disappointment if that had been the case. Luckily, as I think you can see from the glee on my face in these pics, that wasn’t the case. The dress fit like a dream, and was even more lovely in real life. I love everything about it, from the heavy cotton fabric to the flattering details like the sweetheart neckline and the cross strapped back, and the fact I’d saved it for this occasion just made it all the better. So as much as I don’t really believe in saving clothes for best, I’m really glad I saved it for the sunshine. I sure as hell won’t be waiting that long to wear it again though!

Lemons 1Lemons 3Lemons 8Lemons 7Lemons 2Lemons 10Lemons 9Lemons 4

Only problem now is that I know this comes in other prints, all of which have long sold out. Let the eBay search resume!!



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