Saturday Shopping – Pastel Knitwear

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a fan of Winter clothing! Well, I’m not a fan of Winter in general to be honest, but specifically the clothing. Sure, I relish the opportunity to buy new boots, and getting to wear a hat when you’re having a bad hair day is a bonus, but otherwise, during Winter, I largely feel drab, frumpy and a little bit suffocated in all the layers of warmth you have to pile on in the UK.

Even I can see the appeal of a soft, snuggly jumper though. In fact, at times I find it hard to wear anything but a soft, snuggly jumper once the dark nights roll in! It’s just a shame so much of it has to be black or grey! Luckily though, pastels seem to have maintained a bot of a grip on the highstreet this year, and there are plenty of cosy yet sweet knits out there to keep my spirits up. For some reason, wrapping up in something light and pretty rather than heavy and dark makes it all better somehow! Here are some of my favourites…

Top Row: ‘Anabel’ Knit, Oasis, £40Flute Sleeve Knit, Dorothy Perkins, £18Pleated Cuff Knit, Dorothy Perkins, £25

Second Row: V Neck Knit, H&M, £19.99Bow Hem Knit, Oasis, £35Lilac Fluffy Knit, River Island, £30

Third Row: ‘Phoebe’ Knit, Oasis, £40Pearl Cuff Knit, Zara, £19.99Mohair Jumper, H&M, £69.99

Bottom Row: ‘Phoebe’ Knit, Oasis, £40Ribbed Knit, H&M, £19.99‘Zoe’ Mohair Knit, Boohoo, £18

Aw, almost makes me look forward to cuddling up on a rainy evening! Have you got your knitwear out yet or are you still resisting?



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