Halloween Outfit: Creepy Doll

I’ve always loved Halloween. I have no idea why, because I’ve always been a total wuss when it comes to scary things – I HATE horror films, I despise the feeling of being chased and at night as a child I lay awake, terrified, for hours, convinced I’d heard something supernatural going down in my house. Somehow though, I actually love that annual celebration of all things spooky and ghoulish! Go figure! I think my favourite part though, is getting to dress up and be a bit silly.

This year I won’t be dressing up as we don’t have any parties to go to, so instead I thought I’d recreate the outfit I wore last year. I’ve never been one for fake blood and gore, so I chose instead to go with something a little more chilling than gruesome, and creeped all my friends out by dressing as a doll. Here I am in all my glory:

Doll 4.jpg

It was one of those occasions where I actually already owned all I needed to wear – nothing pleases me better than not having to spend any more on a fancy dress outfit! The dress is an ancient Primark one which was perfect thanks to it’s lacy, little-girl collar. All I needed then was a pair of mary janes and some ankle socks! All of the effort went into my make up of course. I got a huge amount of compliments (and scares!) so I thought I’d fill you in on how I achieved the look.

Once I’d primed my face and applied my base – you want to go with something quite pale and with maximum coverage to get a porcelain like finish – I started with the eyes, which are the main focal point. First, I dusted my upper lid with an eyeshadow – the colour itself isn’t particularly important, but I went with a dark purple to help make the whites of my eyes pop. It also helps to create that sallow, sunken eye effect. Next, I lined my eyes with a liquid liner, making sure to actually line half a centimetre or so below my actual lash line on the bottom. I then filled this in with a white eye pencil, which then gives the illusion of huge, doll like eyes. Next I used the same liquid liner – any will do, though my personal favourite is L’Oreal Superliner as it just won’t budge, so you have no chance of accidentally smudging – to draw false eyelashes onto the lower lash line. All that was left then was to add a pair of false eyelashes!

To complete the look, I used MAC Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet So Special to get a rosy glow – I was careful to stick to just the apples of my cheeks to make sure the look was a little exaggerated. Then I added a sprinkling of fake freckles just for effect. Finally, the lips. I started by using a lip primer to blend my lips with my skin-tone. An extra dab of concealer may also help. Then I used MAC ‘Girl About Town’ to colour just the cupids bow and centre of my bottom lip, creating that little rosebud pout dolls have. Once the colour was on, I used my fingertips to pat it slightly, blending the colour a little rather than having sharp edges. Finally I got the eyeliner back out to add the finishing touched, some fake stitches just to make it extra creepy! And voila! The finished product:

Doll 3Doll 2Doll 1

I’m actually a little sad that I had to take it straight off again rather than wearing it out on the town to scare folk!

What are your plans for Halloween?



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    1. Thanks! The scenery was actually a complete fluke – the hotel we were staying at had a kids play area in the reception and it was just too perfect not to stop and take a photo! x

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