October Lust Haves

Ah, the changing of the seasons. The time of year when you suddenly realise everything you wore last Winter is rubbish, and you desperately need to restock as quickly as possible…. Or that definitely seems to be what is going on in my brain right now, because any sense that my wardrobe was working quite nicely over the Summer has ceased, and been replaced by an insatiable urge to consume every new garment I spot. It’s the same every year, and it always comes at the worst time financially, when you should be thinking about making sure you have funds for Christmas and buying things for other people rather than yourself! And it doesn’t help that every thing in the shops right now is so damn alluring, with all the twinkly party stock starting to drop in!

Like this Oasis cami, for example:

Sept Lust Haves 3
Embellished Cami, Oasis, £45

I never could resist a good bit of sequined sparkle, and this pretty top has it in spades! I just love the art deco style pattern to the embellishment, and the fact that there is some continuation around the back (am I the only one that finds it really irritation when tops like this are all party in the front and completely plain in the back??) I’m currently trying to plan what to wear to my office Christmas party, which will kick off straight after work and so won’t allow the time to go off and get changed, and this seems like a good contender, as I could hide it under a pretty cardi in the daytime or just slip it on quickly with minimal effort required.

Similarly, these rather gorgeous creations from New Look:

Sept Lust Haves 2.jpg
Satin Courts, New Look, £29.99

As you know, a shoe with a bow is basically my shoe kryptonite, as is a shoe with a good bit of glitz. Combine the two, then, and resistance is futile! I said as much last week when I featured those gorgeous KG heels, but the added bonus of these is that they only cost £29.99! New Look can be funny like that – I tend to think of them as the place to look for cheap, cheerful and fun shoes, granted, but every now and then they go and surprise me by coming out with something altogether more grown up and classy looking. I’m genuinely not sure it will be possible to get to December without having purchased these!

I have managed to reign myself in somewhat though, it seems, as everything else on the list this month is somewhat more practical. Like this sweet little satchel from Lindy Bop:

Sept Lust Haves 4.jpg
‘Satty’ Satchel, Lindy Bop, £40

I say practical – I don’t really have a need for any more bags, particularly a polka dotted one! But I just can’t help but find this one adorable. Whenever I pop over to Lindy Bop I’m instantly distracted by all the frocks, so never think to look at the accessories. In fact I often completely forget they do them at all. I won’t be making that mistake again though!

Next up, I’ve fallen for this very sensible tweed dress by Warehouse:

Sept Lust Haves 1
Tweed Dress, Warehouse, £39.20

It’s not the most exciting of dresses, but I’m completely smitten. It’s exactly the kind of thing I’e come to enjoy wearing in the Winter months to work, and tweed just always has a way of looking classy, does it not? I’m picturing me wearing it very similarly to how they’ve styled it here, but with the addition of my beloved Topshop Beacon Boots!

Lastly, this utterly gorgeous dress by Emily & Fin:

Sept Lust Haves 5.jpg
‘Lucy Paris’ Dress, Emily & Fin, £65

Yes, I know, little printed dresses are hardly something I have a shortage of, but in my defence, they are basically my Winter uniform, thanks to how easy they are to just throw on over tights and still look like you made an effort! I always feel a touch guilty purchasing yet another, but I’m not sure I would with this one as it is pretty different to all the ditsy floral designs I already own. I don’t often go for scene prints, which are a little too much whimsy for me at times, but I absolutely love this one.

On the flipside, there is this:

Sept Lust Haves 6
‘Bentley’ Dress, Joanie Clothing, £38

This Jonie Clothing beauty is a perfect example of the kind of dress I already owned plenty of, but that doesn’t stop me wanting it passionately. It does have sleeves though, which sets it apart from a lot of my existing tea dresses, and it has the wrap around style that I’ve found myself obsessing over this year. Gimme!

And that’s a wrap (geddit) for this month. I think from here on in we can expect my shopping urges to be fully reinstated, don’t you? Good news for the blog I guess, but bad news for my bank balance!

What have you been eyeing up this month?




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