Outfit: Boden Swishy Dress

Swishy 4.jpg

I have always said I think I was born on the wrong continent. I live for the sun, and it makes such a difference to my mood. I thrive in the hot weather, and while everyone else is seeking the solace of shade and air con, I’m all, ‘Pleeeeeeeeease can we go outside?? Pleeeeease!!!’ It can make choosing a poolside spot a bit of a negotiation between me and my beloved, let me tell you. Yep, I worship that sunshine, and you never get better sunshine than on a beach holiday.

Despite my love of the sun though, my favourite part of the day while on holiday though isn’t actually while the sun is shining. My favourite part of the day is the early evening, when the sun is just beginning to dip below the horizon. I love how the air is still so warm, yet you have a gentle breeze in the air, and everything has fallen suddenly quiet as your fellow holiday makers have headed indoors to get ready for the evening. After a leisurely shower to wash away the salt and the suncream I like nothing more than to pour myself a drink and find myself a spot outside where I can have a few moments to take it all in before getting ready to gorge on a slap up dinner!

The only other thing that can make all this perfect is a swishy dress that makes you feel all feminine and pretty. You know, the kind of dress that makes you want to twirl around in circles? That kind of thing. Happily, I happened to have one with me in the form of this beautiful flowery number from Boden’s 2016 Summer collection. Get this – it’s even called ‘Swishy’. It’s basically like they knew! White and blue if a favorite colour combo for me on holidays as it always has a bit of a Mediterranean feel, and the floral print on this is just so lovely. The best part for me is the gorgeous, cool, silky fabric it’s made from, which just feels lovely against your skin on a warm Summer’s night. Essentially, if I could get this dress in a few more colourways it would be all I’d need to pack for holiday evenings!

Which means I’ve been desperately searching eBay for the pink version, of course….

Swishy 1Swishy 7Swishy 3Swishy 5Swishy 2Swishy 6Swishy 8



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