Outfit: Collectif Janie Seashell Dress

Janie 1.jpg

Ok. So I had high hopes for these outfit photos. I have had this dress for quite some time now, but I loved it so much I did that stupid thing of waiting for just the right time to wear it. At first, I assumed my holiday would be the perfect occasion – that white and blue colour combination has always reminded me of Greek holidays, and of course, seashells, duh. So it hung in my wardrobe with the tags still on until then. And then when we decided we were going to take a boat trip? Well. It was a done deal. A sea-themed dress, on a boat?? YASSSSSS! Basically blogger gold. These photos will be my best outfit photos ever, I thought. Me flouncing around in a fancy dress on the deck of a boat, staring out into the distance with a glass of fizz in hand, as dolphins frolic in the open waters…. Yes, all my fantasy outfit locations are basically cheesy travel promos in my head… Anyway, I was feeling pretty confident that I was gonna look all kinds of cool.

But then I remembered it’s actually not easy to pose on a moving boat (I say that like I’m a boating regular…. I’m clearly not….) and all my photos came out like this…

Janie 5Janie 3Janie 8Janie 4Janie 7Janie 6Janie 9Janie 2

Yeah. Cool AF! I couldn’t actually master the art of staying upright without clinging to the side, and I’d forgotten that the whole ‘wind in your hair’ thing sounds better than it looks. Oh well. Let’s not focus on my awkward stance and my crazy, windswept barnet, or indeed the slightly panicked look on my face, and let’s look instead at the dress. This beautiful dress really did deserve better photos – it’s an absolute dream. It has all the things I love most about Collectif’s dresses – a beautiful, flattering retro shape, a sweet whimsical print and acres upon acres of twirly skirt. Despite my most undignified poise I really felt like a classy bird in this dress, and that’s really saying something given I couldn’t maintain my balance! It was a really amazing day though, quite fit for a dress like this, I’m just gutted I couldn’t quite capture it on film!

Guess I need to book another holiday pronto and go for round 2!



P.S – I didn’t see any damn dolphins though. Those slippery little buggers still elude me!

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