Outfit: The Last of the Summer Dresses

Last Summer Dress 10.jpg

Folks, you will be glad to know that this outfit post officially marks the last of my Summery outfits. I have finally run out of holiday outfits, and while that will probably leave you breathing a sigh of relief, it makes me really sad. Already, despite only being taken LAST MONTH they feel like an age ago. Winter has arrived, the mornings are frosty and dark and the wind is biting and we even saw a few snowflakes fall on Saturday. The idea of being able to swan around with bare legs and shoulders seems like a distant memory now, in fact I just emitted a little shudder at the thought.

Still, while the warm glow radiating from these pics is making me long for another holiday I’m finding it harder and harder to feel glum about Winter what with Christmas just around the corner. If I’d written this post a week or so ago, all I’d have thought about is how depressing it is that I rarely see any sunlight these days. Now though, I’m actually looking at the dress and thinking it could just as easily work as a Christmas Party frock? Especially with the gold accessories! Of course it would need to be a strictly indoor affair, and I’d need closed toe shoes and a hefty coat, but still. That deep burgundy satin translates quite nicely for the festive season, I think. Perhaps I will change the habit of a lifetime and wear it to one of this years Christmas outings instead of a huge skirt? Hmmmm….

Last Summer Dress 4Last Summer Dress 5Last Summer Dress 8Last Summer Dress 6Last Summer Dress 2Last Summer Dress 9Last Summer Dress 7Last Summer Dress 3Last Summer Dress 1Last Summer Dress 11

So, with that I officially declare Summer over. Yeah I know, it was over months ago for normal people, but I think I did a pretty good job of dragging it out as long as possible, right?? Time for all the layers and Christmas glitter now! And we all know how much a love a generous sprinkling of Christmas glitter!



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