November Lust Haves

November. It’s a dangerous month, moneywise. The shops are just choc full of gorgeous things, and you really should be focussing your attentions on buying things for other people, but you can keep telling yourself that you don’t need to worry, because there is still one more pay day between now and Christmas. And who knows? Maybe this will be the year you get that elusive bonus..? Anyway, it does not make for good savings, and that’s not good, especially when you are house renovating, learning to drive and a million other things that cost money!

Still, I’m only human, aren’t I? Well, perhaps that’s debateable, but I wouldn’t be me if my head wasn’t turned by the odd pretty thing at a time of year when you’re spending all your time worrying about pleasing everyone else. I mean, I have to be in the shops, physically looking at nice things and buying them for my family, so OF COURSE I’ve spotted a few things I’d rather like for myself, amiright?

Firstly, this cute little New Look dress:

Nov Lusts 2
Polka Dot Dress, New Look, £24

As I alluded to in this post, this is a style I’ve been loving lately. I’ve always loved a little printed dress in the Winter, but there is something about this ruffled wrap style that I’m really drawn to, and luckily (or unluckily…) they seem to be all over the shops at the moment.

Sticking with New Look and dresses, and this also caught my eye:

Nov Lusts 1
Chiffon Floral Midi, New Look, £29.99

A lot of my favourite bloggers seem to be rocking a rather lovely combo of 70’s style midi dresses with ankle boots and leather jackets, and I’m absolutely loving it! For the last couple of years Winter trends have been a bit samey, but this throws a new spin on the ‘boho’ look that I can really get on board with. There is a slight downside that while I have a huge number of dresses, this is a style I don’t have in abundance, which could mean further issues for that ol’ bank balance of mine. But hey, you can’t have everything…!

Speaking of spotting dresses on bloggers, how about this beauty?

Nov Lusts 3
Lost in Flowering Fields Dress, Chicwish, £47.94

This is actually not the kind of dress I normally go for. In fact, I’ve probably scrolled past it a hundred times while looking to see if there were any new versions of the Cheers Stripes Midi Skirt were available, and not batted an eyelid. But then I saw the lovely Lizzie In Lace wearing it, and decided it was the best thing ever. To be fair, they really should use Lizzie’s pics to advertise it, because on the site it looks a bit shapeless and frumpy to me, but I absolutely love the way she’s styled it and really made use of those pretty, bright colours. I’m sure it wouldn’t look quite so classy and expensive on me, mind! It also comes in black, which I also love, and which would also be far more practical in the Winter, but it’s this one I keep going back to. Could I justify both, perhaps?

No. No, Steph. You could not….

Moving on to another dress (yes, ANOTHER dress, I just can’t help myself, OK?) and this beautiful wrap dress by Collectif:

Nov Lusts 4
Willa Wrap Dress, Collectif, £59.50

Usually it’s the 50’s style wiggle and swing dresses that catch my eye at Collectif, but this more demure 40’s style wrap dress is just lovely. Right now I’d be wearing it with my trusty Dune Stretchy boots, but that light, floaty fabric would do me well into Spring and again through the Autumn. Normally you’d need three dresses to do that, so I’d basically be saving money

The same cannot be said for these though:

Nov Lusts 5
Satin Embellished Shoes, Marks & Spencers, £35

As much as I love to tell myself that EVERYONE needs a good pair of Manolo Blahnik inspired party shoes, we all know I struggle to wear all my glitzy shoes as it is. Still though, these would make a rather gorgeous addition to the collection, and who could have guessed they were from Marks & Spencers?? I’m not Marks & Sparks hater by any stretch, but they definitely aren’t somewhere I’d expect to find shoes quite this pretty, which is just making me want them even more. They also come in the classic blue and silver combo, just in case you DO  have a need for some more Christmas bling…..

So, that’s it for another month! I think I’ve done rather well not to fill it all up with glitter that I’ll only wear once a year, haven’t I? Don’t hold your breath though, there’s still December to go!




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