Reasons to be Cheerful – Bonnie’s First Snow

Bonnie Snow 6.jpg

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have failed to notice that the heavens dumped a shed load of snow over the UK this weekend, and we all awoke to a Narnia style Winter Wonderland! I get pretty excited by the snow – not so much the prospect of negotiating the commute to work, which as I write this on Sunday evening is looking like a pretty horrific prospect – but definitely everything else that comes with it. The beautiful Wintery scenery, snow ball fights, snuggling under a blanket and watching it fall…. The thing I was most excited about though as to see Bonnie having a play!

Bonnie has never seen snow. Not really. She’s seen the odd flurry fall from the sky, but never a thick coating on the ground like we’ve seen this time, so I absolutely couldn’t wait to see what she made of it all! She absolutely loves her walkies around the fields by our new house so I was certain she would find the snow a very exciting new experience, and I’m happy to report it seems like she did! We had a lovely long walk through the woods and she was adorable, bounding around like a puppy, trying to sniff all the hidden treasures below the surface and burying her nose right in sometimes. My favourite part was when Dan started throwing snowballs at her, which she tried to catch like a normal ball, then got all confused when they disappeared!

To top it off, everything looked stunningly pretty in our new neighbourhood, and it was so lovely to see all the families taking to the streets with their children and dogs, sleds in tow and full of excitement. It made me love our new home even more and really got me in a festive mood.

On that note, I’ll leave it there, as I have a crisis plan to write in case none of my team can make it into work! By the time you read this I’ll have either realised I was worrying over nothing, or drowned myself in a vat of wine after the worst day ever so it’s just as well I finish on a positive note!

I hope you’ve all been having fun in the snow and that your snowy Monday wasn’t a nightmare! Stay warm, friends!



4 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Bonnie’s First Snow

  1. I live in the UK to and it’s amazing. I have been making snow men all day. I haven’t seen this much snow in my entire life, I don’t think. 🙂

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