Outfit: The Ghost of Christmas Past

Xmas Eve 3

Oh dear, just who is this pale and wan figure lurking in front of that Christmassy front door? Marley’s ghost perhaps? Nah, it’s just me obvs, in the very unflattering, fading light of Christmas Eve. We’d spent a very busy morning finishing off preparations for Christmas Day before heading out to lunch with some friends, and in typical ‘me’ fashion, I took too long to get ready to take pictures before we left. By the time we’d got back it was already getting dark, and, well, you can see the results…

I could have just done what I normally do and got all dressed up again on a different day and recreated the photos, but honestly? Why bother. It’s a really boring outfit. It’s basically a black blouse and skirt, and in retrospective, perhaps even a little frumpy? But the fact is, I wasn’t really thinking about the outfit. It was all about the shoes.

This isn’t the outfit I was planning to wear. Up until about 5 minutes before leaving I was actually wearing a smart top and jeggings combo that actually became my Boxing Day outfit, but last minute I changed my mind. See, I kept going back to these shoes, which I haven’t worn in a really long time. That’s partly because they are one of the fated pairs that ended up packed away in storage for far longer than I was originally planning when I first moved back home with my parents. But also – what the hell do you wear with lurid green sequin shoes with comedy size bows on the front? I mean, I love them, I really do, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. But seriously, what do you wear?? I had gotten it in my head that they simply must be worn at Christmas in case I didn’t wear them again for another 12 months, and in desperation, and with a complete lack of imagination, this is what I ended up with.

Xmas Eve 2Xmas Eve 6Xmas Eve 7Xmas Eve 8Xmas Eve 4Xmas Eve 1Xmas Eve 5

Still, they are pretty awesome shoes, right??



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