Fantasy Friday – Marchesa Notte Floral Gown

So Christmas is done. NYE is done. All the glitz and the sparkle and the being allowed to eat chocolate and drink Prosecco before lunch is done. It’s back to drizzly, grey Winter. Drizzly, grey Winter and it’s endless dark nights. Having to get up while it still looks like night time outside. Having to ‘layer up’ to avoid freezing on the way to work, then feeling like you’ll pass out from heat exhaustion when you get on the train. Getting knocked on your backside in the rain by some dick in a suit who thinks he’s in more of a rush than everyone else. TIGHTS! Goddamn evil tights!!

Can anyone tell I’m hankering for Spring just a little? Once the festive season is over and done with I always feel my SAD sensors tingling like crazy – all of that fun and merriment in merely a distraction from what is easily my least favourite season. By the time the decorations have been packed away, all I can think about is how much I’d love to feel sun on my skin again. To go out without a jacket, wear sandals and smell freshly cut grass again! And most of all, see life in colour again!

Well, lucky for my dulled, tired senses, I stumbled across this little beauty today:

Marchesa 1
Marchesa Notte Embroidered Floral Dress c/o, £1187

I don’t know about you, but this dress just screams Spring to me. Those pretty pastel hues, the intricate embroidered vines, the scattered petals – I can’t actually decide whether or not is is a dress I’d actually wear, but I’d happily look at it all day long, if only for the fact it reminds me of the cherry blossom trees in my parents garden. Oh, to see cherry blossoms again!

I hate to chase the year away already, but god I wish it would hurry up already!



P.s – how freaking awesome would this dress be if it had a full skirt??

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