Outfit: NYE

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Once upon a time, dressing for NYE was a very exciting prospect. After years of having to work every NYE when I managed pubs, it was finally a night to look forward to. A night drink, revel and dance the night away. To reminisce on the year gone by and drunkenly gush tidings of good luck and unending love you your besties and strangers alike, probably while wearing a silly hat in a shower of sparkling confetti. It was the night to end all nights, the most important party of the year. And of course that meant it called for a special outfit. It was the ultimate excuse to wear your most glamourous of dresses and rock more glitter than a Christmas fairy!

Of course, it only took a couple of years for me to realise that NYE isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a bit too much pressure really isn’t it? That expectation that it should be the most wonderful, amazing night ever lest the whole year be ruined! In reality someone always gets too drunk, there will be tears and arguments, it costs you a small fortune just to cram yourself into a busy pub and end up missing the countdown because you’re stuck in the queue at the bar! One year I even somehow managed to nip to the loo pretty much on the stroke of midnight without realising, only to find I’d missed it all when I came out! So now that I’m older and wiser, my party days are behind me and my NYE plans are usually a lot more sedate.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to get dressed up though! This year we just headed to my sisters house for a casual get together (which actually turned into a rather rowdy beer pong tournament, come to think of it…) so it wasn’t really an occasion for the sequinned mini skirts of my past, but I did still want to feel like I’d worn something suitably celebratory, and luckily I’d managed to score the perfect top a few weeks ago. This satin cold shoulder top by Oasis is now officially my favorite thing ever thanks to the super flattering shape and pretty ruffle details. I know cold shoulder tops seem to be the marmite of the fashion world lately, with plenty of people declaring them their most hated trend of the year, and sometimes I’m in agreement – shirts and jumpers with the shoulders seemingly snipped out confuse the heck out of me! This pretty, drapey style though is fast becoming a favourite though and I’m now obsessing a little about finding some similar styles to add to the collection. I love that I could wear it with a simple pair of jeans, but still feel like I’d made an effort, so don’t be surprised if this is an outfit formula that crops up a few more times this year! Of course, I couldn’t have gone without and obligatory pair of sparkly shoes! These Carvela beauties were one of my post Christmas purchases last year and somehow I knew even then that they’d become my NYE shoes. Must be the silver hue!


How was your NYE, friends? Are you a party animal these days, or a homebody like me?



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