Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Olidah Sandals

It’s inevitable. The moment We’ve popped the champagne corks at midnight on NYE, it’s onto the next round of celebrations. It’s only January and I’ve already seen adverts for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The next big commercial affair, of course, is Valentines Day, which means we have all of about 30 seconds left before stores are awash with pink and red love hearts and garments covered in cutesy lipstick kisses. I don’t necessarily fall out with this because I love nothing more than the chance to theme an outfit for no real reason, but it can’t half make the year whizz past at an alarming rate!

The only real issue for me is that a lot of these Valentines themed items are just a bit much for me – a bit too cartoonish and gaudy (yes, I’m aware I was petitioning for year round glitter just yesterday…). I’m very much open to a bit of kitsch, but I like my kitsch to sit on the subtle end of the scale, so these Kate Spade sandals are just perfect for me:

Olidah 1
Olidah Heels, Kate Spade, £185

Kate Spade is no stranger to a bit of whimsy (dinosaur bags anyone??) but it’s usually done in a very cool and classy way – their signature bows, for example, are elegant yet magical all at once! So it’s not surprising to see that they’ve managed to create the perfect balance here of a stylish two part sandal with a secret love heart nestled at the back of the ankle. From the front you wouldn’t even know it was there! Let’s just take a closer look a that back again shall we:

Olidah 2

ADORABLE, I think you’ll agree!

Having just ‘accidentally’ acquired quite a large number of new pairs of shoes from the M&S sale last week, even at the £185 price point – which is actually not beyond the realms of possibility if you were treating yourself – I couldn’t really justify buying these, but I have to say I’m actually very tempted. There is just something about the overall look that is calling to me – you can never go wrong with a pair of black sandals really can you, and when the back is as cute as this? Sold. It must be the work of cupid. Or my insatiable lust for all things Kate Spade, one or the other…

Also – GLITTER!!



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