Winter Fashion Problems

Ugh. Winter. It sucks, amirite??

How is a girl supposed to try and look good in the good old fashioned British Winter weather I ask you?? Surely some of these ring true for you too?

Hat Hair

Hats – they should be the ideal fix for Winter hair, right? Wrong. In theory they are great. They look cute, they keep you warm and they have the added bonus of covering up a slightly greasy barnet! But that’s only any use if you spend all day outdoors…. I’d look a bit of a wally trotting around the office with a faux fur bobble atop my head. And when you do take it off once you get indoors, you have a delightfully sweaty, matted, static mess to deal with. Thanks, Winter.

Rained on/Windswept Hair

Let’s be honest, there are around 4 – 5 months of the year where there isn’t much point doing anything to your hair if you commute. What it looked like in the mirror before you left the house will be a far cry from what you see in the mirror in the lifts at work! Those lovingly teased waves will be long gone after you’ve navigated the high street in a rainstorm. And of course it doesn’t matter if you have an umbrella – in Britain the wind likes to blow the rain directly into your face, and you’ll be lucky if your umbrella is in one piece by the time you arrive at your destination. If you have one, anyway – if you’re anything like me you probably left it on the bus by accident…

Limited Shoe Options

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that shoes are my thang. Can’t get enough of them. Literally, because I’ve run out of space…. British Wintertime is not conducive to getting wear out of them though. Mostly, it’s too cold to wear anything other than boots a lot of the time, and even once it’s warmed up enough to bare your feet, you have to be careful with your choices. All that velvet that was popular this year? Less gorgeous once it’s been trudged through the sleet and slush! And suede? Forget it. I’ve been dying to crack out the pastels now Spring is just around the corner, but it just WON’T STOP SNOWING DAMMIT!!


My nemesis! I just can’t explain how much I hate tights! I swear that every year I complete a mass urge and throw out all the bobbly pairs with holey toes, and yet without fail, they seem to find a way of sneaking back in my drawers! And that horrible realisation that the crotch has ridden down to somewhere around your knees in an MC Hammer-like fashion? The worst!

Outerwear Dilemmas

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent ages putting together the perfect outfit only to realise you don’t have a coat that is the right shape to go with it? If you’re a fan of retro styles like me, you will know this problem only too well. Getting a coat that fits over a full skirt and doesn’t cost a fortune is no easy feat, and even once you have tracked one down you get more than a little bored of feeling like you’ve worn the same damn thing everyday. Which is possibly why space in my coat cupboard is rapidly reducing each month…

Photo Problems

If you post outfit photos on your blog then this is a pain we all share – photographing your outfits when you have a full time job can be tricky at the best of times. When you only have a handful of daylight hours and it rains for most of those it becomes near on impossible. Welcome to the world of blurry, dimly lit photos against the thrilling backdrop of your living room wall, or rare shots of you in the garden pretending you aren’t blue with cold!

Bulky Layers

There is no denying it. Layering may well be the done thing in the colder months, but let’s face it – extra layers mean extra bulk. Apart from the fact I feel like a complete dowdy frump most of the time, those added layers pose their own issues. Firstly, they weigh a ton. Some days I feel positively knackered lugging myself and my 6 layers of clothing the short walk to and from the train station! And they may keep you warm once you’re outdoors, but once you set foot in a shopping centre or office block you feel like there’s a genuine risk of fainting on the cards! And all that bulk is just so cumbersome. Ever noticed how much harder it is to squeeze through the ticket barriers with all that extra girth? Or how your handbag is constantly slipping off your heavily bundled shoulder? The worst part is how long it takes to actually clothe yourself – I’ve honestly lost count of the number of times we’ve decided to leave a bar or restaurant and Dan has gotten halfway up the road before noticing he’s left me behind!


Oh Spring, do be kind and hurry the f*** up! My wellbeing (and my style) depend on it!



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2 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Problems

  1. Finally, someone who dislikes winter as much as I do! It seems everyone I speak to prefers winter to summer and I have just never been able to understand it. They usually reason that you can always put more layers on in winter but can only take so much off in summer. I get that but, like you, I hate layers. I don’t even really like sleeves at all and I most certainly agree about the point you made about there being no point in doing your hair. I swear that when my hair senses the slightest bit of moisture in the air it just completely flops. Our winters here aren’t nearly as harsh as your British winters though. If the colder months get to me, I can’t imagine how you must feel.

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    1. Soooo true! Spring and Summer clothes are just so much prettier to me, the colours and prints are brighter, everything is floaty and soft and you don’t have to lug a huge coat around everywhere! I swear I’ve forgotten what my feet even look like they’ve been bundles up in thick socks and boots for so long! x

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