Reasons to be Cheerful – Birthday Surprises

Oops, went a little AWOL there for a couple of days! It was all for good reason though – I’d planned to use the weekend to catch up on scheduling the weeks posts, but little did I know Dan had concocted a plan with my sister and her boyfriend to whisk me away for my Birthday!

I hadn’t been looking forward to turning 35 – more on that another day – so I couldn’t really be bothered to plan any celebrations in. It fell on a Friday this year, so I booked the day off work and fully intended to wallow in bed all day with the pooch (who also has her birthday on the same day – strange but true!) while Dan was at work, then maybe have a nice lunch over the weekend, take the dog on a long walk, maybe a quiet drink in the pub. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary and nothing that reminded me of the alarming rate with which life is whizzing by!

When I found out instead that we’d be spending the whole weekend – including Monday, which he’d sneakily booked off for me – away at a log cabin with my sister and her boyfriend I wasn’t quite sure how I felt. I’m not very good at surprises, and I just hadn’t seen it coming at all. I freak out a little when I realise things aren’t going the way I’d planned, and it takes a while for me to let go and realise that a change could be a good thing. And of course it was far better than the sedate and quiet weekend I’d planned for myself, so I packed my bags and off we went!

We’ve had such a lovely few days. I’ll write more about it in another post, as now I need to recover! 35 year olds can’t drink as much as 34 year olds, it seems! But just wanted to stop by and update so you didn’t think I’d vanished. Now for sleep…..!

Bday Surprise



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2 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Birthday Surprises

    1. Aw thank you. It’s been pretty good to me so far! It’s not really that I feel old, just that I still have a lot I want to achieve and far less time to achieve it in, but I’ll get there! Thanks for reading x


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