Why I Don’t Blog About the Red Carpet

So, awards season is well underway, which pleases me as I like nothing more than to swoon and drool over the amazing frocks parading down the red carpet on an almost weekly basis. I love fashion in all forms, but nothing quite compares to the glitz and glamour of evening wear, and since I don’t often get much chance to actually wear any, it’s always nice to have a little break from reality and imagine myself swishing around in a floor length Dior gown! This is made easy of course, because every newspaper, fashion mag and style blog out there is awash with round ups of the ‘Best Dressed’. Sadly, they are also awash with ‘Worst Dressed’ lists, and that’s when drooling over dresses becomes a lot less fun for me.

I’ve been ridiculed for what I choose to wear more times than I can count. Luckily for me it’s almost always been in a jovial way – asking how on earth I walk in such ridiculous shoes, for example, or a comment about how dressed up I am. So perhaps I’m a little sensitive about it all, but it doesn’t half get on my nerves that people feel they have a right to pass judgement on someone’s outfit choices. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always like what they wear. I have my own tastes and opinions just like everyone else – the difference is though, I don’t feel like my opinion is gospel. My tastes are my tastes, and that is all. Just because I like something and someone else doesn’t doesn’t make them wrong – it just makes them different. The idea that I and I alone have the authority on what could be classed as the ‘right’ thing to wear is laughable to me, so I find it odd that anyone feels like they can. And yet so many of these articles and posts, littered with phrases like ‘style mishap,’ or ‘fashion fail’ come across just like that – as though they are the expert voice on all things fashion, here to helpfully dole out style advice to the poor sartorially challenged masses. Who do they think they are, exactly??

The thing I love most about fashion is that it’s a form of expression. The way a person dresses is often a representation of who they are, or at least how they’re feeling. Frequently I will not understand someone’s choices, think they are a bit crazy even, but to publicly criticise them for it just seems like such a low blow – quite literally a personal attack. Especially when stars these days just can’t win. One mag’s stand out look is another mag’s faux pas. Too clingy and it’s ‘cheap’, too loose and it’s ‘unflattering’. A simple design can be classic one minute then boring the next, while the more outlandish frocks are considered equal parts ‘bizarre’ and ‘daring’. And don’t even get me started on the heavy doses of slut-shaming that start doing the rounds as soon as a starlet sashays down the carpet in anything short or sheer!

Why oh why in this day and age are we so ready and willing to tear a woman down just because we don’t like what she is wearing? Shouldn’t we have left all the catty remarks and judgements about our fellow females back in highschool? Maybe, just maybe, we should just enjoy the show and focus on the award they’ve arrived to collect rather than the dress they chose to wear… just an idea!

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