Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Mariz Maxi Dress

Once upon a time, maxis were a particular favourite of mine. Once the Summer months hit you could bet your bottom dollar I’d be wearing one for the majority of the week. I just loved how effortless they were – breezy and cool on a hot day, but warm enough to keep the evening chill out once the sun went down. And of course, they have the added bonus of hiding those bottle white or unshaved legs!! It quite possibly is all Sienna Miller’s fault, because it all started when she was in the midst of her Boho Chic phase and every girl on the planet wanted to be her. But then my passion for all things 50’s shaped hit, and they took a backseat. In fact, in 3 years of writing this blog I’ve only featured one once!

That would all change in a heartbeat though if I had one quite as beautiful as this:

Mariz Dress 1
Mariz ‘Hampton Court’ Dress, Ted Baker, £249

Ted Baker has always been pretty good at florals, let’s face it, but this beautiful ‘Hampton Court’ print had me really surprised. I tend to associate the Brand with more abstract floral designs, and this intricate, colourful wildflower motif is quite a move away from that, but one I’m 100% on board with. I’m completely besotted actually, truth be told, and since I first laid my eyes on it all of, ooooooh, 5 minutes ago I’ve been trying to come up with cunning ways to find the cash to make it mine!

I’ve really loved this gypsy style trend of black with oodles of boldly coloured flowers and embroidery that’s been doing the rounds the last couple of years, but this one might just be my pick of the bunch so far. It’s that striking colour palette that I love the most about it actually, as it lends itself so well to the Winter months, styled just as they have on the website, with boots and a leather jacket. Of course, I’d much rather be wearing it while sipping Prosecco in Capri or something, but that’s just me….

Who knows, maybe my Boho days aren’t quite over yet? If I could have this dress anyway….



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