Ginspiration: Bloom Gin

Bloom 2

Hi Friends!

Guess what? It’s gin time again! Well, it’s actually gin time all the time in my house, so that’s a little misleading, but I thought since I promised to start giving you my expert and well honed advice (LOLZ) on gin, it was high time I wrote another post, otherwise it would just become another one of those clever series I think up but never commit to!

So, since Spring is just around the corner (apparently, try telling that to all the snow on the ground….) I thought I would go with something a little seasonal, and tell you all about Bloom, a delightfully flowery gin that I was first introduced to on a visit to a Gin Lounge with my Dad and sister a few years ago. We wanted to try something new, so had left our choices in the hands of the bartender, asking him to choose us three that were all a little different, and he chose this one because of it’s floral characters in contrast to the citrusy and peppery ones of the others he had chosen. He gave us a little intro to each of them before serving, telling us about the flavours and the backstory of how they were created, and I was instantly intrigued when he told us that Bloom’s creator, Joanne Moore, is not only female but one of the only female Master Distillers in the world! Go Joanne! I really wanted to like it with such an inspirational lady at it’s roots, but it turns out the gin alone was enough for me!

Bloom 1

The Expert’s Description…

According to their website:

“Enriched with a bespoke blend of Honeysuckle, Chamomile and Pomelo botanicals, Bloom Gin is refreshingly light and delicate. A unique botanical to gin, Honeysuckle, delivers an unparalleled sweetness which is balanced by calming Chamomile and rounded off with crisp citrus notes provided by the Pomelo. Combining these flavours enhances Bloom Gin’s distinctive floral delicacy, delivering an immersive taste, reminiscent of nature’s true beauty.”

The Layman’s Description…

Bloom is, in my – humble and not at all expert in any way – opinion, a very lovely gin. It is incredibly light and fresh, and those floral notes are unmistakable, making it a very Summery affair which conjures daydreams of lounging in an English garden full of flowers and sunshine (hence, I assume, the name Bloom!). It definitely has the classic gin flavours, but the juniper in this is far more subtle than a standard gin, which makes it a great ‘starter’ gin. If you are new to the category and aren’t sure whether you like it or not, this would be a great gin to begin your journey with! It’s fast becoming my favourite gin to sip on a warm day when the rest of the world is getting excited about Pimms and lemonade!

Bloom 3

How to drink it…

Bloom recommends serving a large measure with lots of ice, a quality tonic and 2 quartered strawberries to enhance the floral flavours, and who am I to disagree with a Master Distiller?? The strawberries are a lovely addition, really giving your drink a fruity edge and it really does compliment the already Summery feel. While they simply recommend a ‘quality’ tonic, Bloom’s favourite is Fevertree, with whom they have a partnership in creating these darling little pre-mixed bottles that are perfect for a picnic or an away day. I am dying to try the Rose Lemonade version! Definitely the classier answer to having a couple of drinks on the go, don’t you think? Long train journeys may never be the same again!

I have to award some bonus points to Bloom here too for the bottle – would you just take a look at it for a moment? I absolutely love that Victorian style pale blue-green glass and pretty creeping vines around the neck. While finishing a different gin just this week Dan asked if I wanted to keep the bottle and we laughed for a minute about how ridiculous I would be if I insisted on doing so – where on earth would they all go?? But this one might have to be an exception – I can completely see it sitting on a windowsill with a few wild flower stems sitting in it!

Bloom 4

If only drinking this could actually bring the Spring on? Well, worth a try…. pour me another!!




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